Saturday, April 6, 2019

Milk Packaging Essay Example for Free

Milk Packaging EssayMilk box can be actually varied and the types of packaging have increased over time. The aim of packaging is both practical and commercial. So there is need for packaging suppliers to include both these aspects while desiging a packing. Practical AIM It must(prenominal) carry the milk and keep it fresh.Commercial AIM keeping the cost down and marketing the product. there are three main types of milk which are differentiated with their labelling and coloured caps Full cream milk blue coloured cap. Low fat milk- red coured cap.However, the decline of the doorstep delivery led to the deal of milk through supermarkets which led to the introduvtion of a variety of packaging formats like-Glass bottles, cardboard cartons ,plastic bottles, Tetra Pak cartons and low density polyethylene plastic milk containers.TRENDS IN MILK PACKAGING1.Well into the 20th century, milk was transported in large coat cans and purchased at a local dairy or from the farmer, who dist ributed it by horse and cart. Families used small dippers to accomplish their domestic vessels from the cans. 2. The earliest milk bottles were generic, designed for a range of liquids and came with cardboard tops. 3. School milk came in smaller half-pint (235-mL) bottles, pictured here with a dobber, the tool used for opening them. 4. A defense to retain home delivery(obsolete).5. A range of specialist milks begins to appearGlass BottlesThe traditional milk packaging were introduced in the 1880s. They originally had necks that started relatively low on the bottle, although these have now developed they are narrower and shorter. The letter appears directly on the bottle. This was originally built into the bottles during manufacturing, but were then started to be painted on directl, be cheaper and a while also allowing for stronger marketing device.

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