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Filipino people Essay

Rizal pointed out that long before the coming of the Spaniards, the Filipinos were industrious and hardworking. It is the Spanish reign that brought about a decline in economic activities because of certain causes. First, the establishment of the Galleon Trade cut off all previous associations of the Philippines with other countries in Asia and the Middle East. As a result, business was only conducted with Spain through Mexico. Because of this, the small businesses and handicraft industries that flourished during the pre-Spanish period gradually disappeared. Second, Spain also extinguished the natives’ love of work because of the implementation of forced labor. the Filipinos were compelled to work in shipyards, roads, and other public works, abandoning agriculture, industry, and commerce. Third, Spain did not protect the people against foreign invaders and pirates. With no arms to defend themselves, the natives were killed, their houses burned, and their lands destroyed. As a result of this, the Filipinos were forced to become nomads, lost interest in cultivating their lands or in rebuilding the industries that were shut down, and simply became submissive to the mercy of God. Fourth, there was a crooked system of education. What was being taught in the schools were repetitive prayers and other things that could not be used by the students to lead the country to progress. There were no courses in Agriculture, Industry, etc. , which were badly needed by the Philippines during those times. Fifth, the Spanish rulers were a bad example to despise manual labor. The officials reported to work at noon and left early, all the while doing nothing in line with their duties. The women were seen constantly followed by servants who dressed them and fanned them – personal things which they ought to have done for themselves. Sixth, gambling was established and widely propagated during those times. Almost everyday there were cockfights, and during feast days, the government officials and friars were the first to engange in all sorts of bets and gambles. Seventh, there was a crooked system of religion. The friars taught the naive Filipinos that it was easier for a poor man to enter heaven, and so they preferred not to work and remain poor so that they could easily enter heaven after they died. Lastly, the taxes were extremely high, so much so that a huge portion of what they earned went to the government or to the friars. When the object of their labor was removed and they were exploited, they were reduced to inaction. Rizal admitted that the Filipinos did not work so hard because they were wise enough to adjust themselves to the warm, tropical climate. â€Å"An hour’s work under that burning sun, in the midst of pernicious influences springing from nature in activity, is equal to a day’s labor in a temperate climate. † According to Rizal, all the causes of indolence can be reduced to two factors. The first factor is the limited training and education Filipino natives receive. Segregated from Spaniards, Filipinos do not receive the same opportunities that are available to the foreigners. They are taught to be inferior. The second factor is the lack of a national sentiment of unity among them. Because Filipinos think they are inferior, they submit to the foreign culture and do everything to imitate it. The solution, according to Rizal, would be education and liberty. Rizal’s Philosophy of the Human Person 1. Freedom from friar influence pervades the letter and Rizal proffered a stinging rebuke against them by saying that God’s command is different that of the priest. 2. According to rizal, the integrity of conduct is no longer about â€Å"prolonged kneeling†, large rosaries, soiled scapular. † 3. That living the Christian life is far richer and immensely beneficial if we have faith in God within reason and what is just, because unquestioning obedience would sustain the bondage that has imprisoned even the conscience of man, who is â€Å"born without chains. † 4. The mind, according to Rizal, is a gift from God that must be kindled if we are to sustain our faith and illumine whatever activity man does, even with regards to faith. 5. Faith and reason doesn’t cancel each other, they are like the two wings of one bird or the chambers of one heart; neither can stand without the other and one is designed to reinforce the other. 6. For Rizal this is the only way to understand the function of reason in the strengthening of faith. Rizal’s Feminist Thoughts 1. Rizal found comfort and encouragement from the display of valor made by the youthful ladies of malolos; 2. In his letter, he expresses great joy and satisfaction over the battle they had fought. 3. In this portion of Rizal’s letter, it is obvious that his ultimate desire was for women to be offered the same opportunities as those received by men in terms of education. 4. During those days young girls were not sent to school because of the universal notion that they would soon only be taken as wives and stay at home with the children. 5. Rizal, however, emphasizes on freedom of thought and the right to education, which must be granted to both boys and girls alike regardless of gender. Moral Responsibilities of Woman 1. For Rizal, the woman is the first teacher of mankind and the mother of civilization. 2. Rizal says let us be reasonable and open our eyes, especially the women, because they are the ones who open the minds of men. 3. Consider that a good mother is different from the one created by the friars. 4. Raise your children close to the image of the true God — the God who cannot be bribed, the God who is not greedy, the God who is the father of all, who is not partial, the God who does not fatten on the blood of the poor, who does not rejoice at the plaint of the afflicted, and does not confuse the intelligent mind. 5. Awaken and prepare the mind of the child for every good and desirable idea — love for honor, sincere and firm character, clear mind, clean conduct, noble action, love for one’s fellow men, respect for God — teach this to your children. 6. The central idea here is that whatever a mother shows to her children is what the children will become also. 7. If the mother is always kissing the hand of the friars in submission, then her children will grow up to be minions and mindless fools who do nothing but do as they are told, even if the very nature of the task would violate their rights as individuals. 8. Rizal also enumerates the qualities Filipino mothers have to possess. 9. A mother should be a noble wife and should rear her children in the service of the state. 10. A woman should set standards of behavior for men around her. Rizal’s Points for Reflection 1. In closing the letter, Rizal gave some 7 principles to the women of Malolos. 2. The 1st and the 4th principles are to take courage in engaging ones self in social action to assist others. 3. The 2nd principle is to consult with frankness and bravery and inculcate self respect in each and all. 4. The 3rd principle is to wing our way from the bondage of ignorance and that we should examine the truth in our own way. 5. The 5th principle reiterates the ideal that the instruction of children be given to the mothers first obligation. 6. The 6th and 7th principles want us to examine justice and equality as twin pillars of civilization and that each one must work for its full realization and that we must examine carefully the religious teachings being given us. Rizal was very impressed to the fighting spirit of the young women of Malolos had shown. In this letter of Rizal, it is obvious that his ultimate desire is to have women the same opportunity men received in terms of education. During those days young girls was not sent to school because of the universal notion that they would soon be only taken as wives and stay only at home with the children. But Rizal emphasizes on freedom of thought and right for education that both girls and boys should have. He had also shown to this letter all about that Spaniards friars. He cited, â€Å"God gave each individual reason and a will of his or her own to distinguish the just from the unjust; all were born without shackles and free, and nobody has a right to subjugate the will and the spirit of another. † We are all born equal, naked and without bonds. God did not create man to be a slave of others. A man who does not think for himself and allowed him to be guided by the thought of another is like the beast led by a halter. God give us intelligence that we may use against this slavery of others. We must be dignified, have faith on him and work together as one. In this letter he emphasizes different points. One is that Filipino mothers should teach her children love of God, country and fellowmen. Filipino mothers should be glad and honored, like Spartan mothers, to offer their sons in defense of their country. Filipino women should know how to protect their dignity and honor. They should educate themselves aside from retaining their good racial values. Faith is not merely reciting prayers and wearing religious pictures. It is living the real Christian way with good morals and manners. In recent times, it seems that these qualities are gradually lost in the way Filipino women conduct themselves. In recent times, it seems that these qualities are gradually lost in the way Filipino women conduct themselves. There are oftentimes moments where mothers forget their roles in rearing their children because of the overriding idea of having to earn for the family to supplement their husband’s income. Although there is nothing negative about working hard for the welfare of the family, there must always be balance in the way people go through life. Failure in the home cannot be compensated for by any amount of wealth or fame.

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Into the World: The Story of Tom Brennan and Ort Essay

Both the novel The Story of Tom Brennan by J. C Burke and the film Forrest Gump by Robert Zemeckis explores the experiences various characters have that result in change and transition in realistic way. Both Burke and Zemeckis explore these experiences by using a variety of techniques, particularly flashbacks and many forms of imagery that relate to their fears, the way people deal with crisis and friendship in a in which the viewer can relate to them making it more realistic. In The Story of Tom Brennan, Burke explores the experiences many characters have that relate to fear and the various barriers in their lives that result in change and transition. Burke uses a metaphor when Tom describes his room as ‘a cave’ which strongly suggests the idea that as a result of his fear he changes by becoming isolated from everyone and finds it difficult to move into the world from past experiences. Burke uses an accumulation of negative memories from Tom’s perspective ‘the fear in Fin’s eyes, the empty stare of Luke, the way Nicole looked like she was sleeping’ to accentuate the negative experiences Tom has encountered and unsettle the viewer as well as to stress the difficulty he has in his transition in which the viewer can relate to. She also uses a flashback that was triggered from Tom’s memories to explore his past experiences of negative events on the night of the accident as well as create empathy in the viewer towards Tom. Likewise, in Forest Gump we are shown similar aspects of fear through the various experiences characters have had and how it results in the change and transition. In a similar sense to Burke, Zemekis uses a flashback to explore the negative experiences Jenny had as a child when she got harassed by her father. Like The Story of Tom Brennan, the flashback encourages a sense of empathy from the audience towards Jenny and explores her fear in a realistic way by allowing the viewer to connect their own fears with Jenny’s and create tension in the audience. In the present, Zemekis uses an element of familiarity when there are a series of still shots taken of Jenny and her old house which draws a remembrance between the two. The house triggers the horrors of Jenny’s childhood and suggests she finds it difficult to put away her past and move on due to her negative experiences as a child. The flashback is essential as it underlines the idea of fears causing change and effecting transition in a realistic way. Burke also explores the ways various characters deal with hardships in their lives that result in change and transition of the individual in a realistic way. The motif of black is used to symbolise the state of despair of the characters which is evident in the flashback when Tom says ‘I felt the darkness grow inside me. ’ This effectively emphasises the negative experiences Tom had encountered in the past and shows how it contributed to his feelings of despair and a change in individual. Burke uses a metaphor in ‘The St. Johns game was a hill, just another hill to climb in my journey; then life would plateau for a while’ to show a positive change in Tom’s attitude and to competently emphasise how Tom has learned to deal with difficult events due to his previous hardships, which is something many young people can link to their own lives. Burke uses listing to explore Tom’s previous experiences when he says ‘he taught me how to kick and pass, how to rise my eyebrow, how to ride a bike†¦ which develops a forgiving tone towards Daniel showing the change in Tom who previously felt despaired and distant from his brother due to his foolish and irresponsible act but now however developed and changed as a result of his positive response to his hardships. In a similar way, Zemeckis uses the same motif of black when there is a mid range shot to capture the negative change in Jenny’s life when she is using illicit drugs with her frien ds. It effectively demonstrates how her experiences have made her act this way. In contrast when Forrest has to deal with Jenny’s death, Zemekis uses a close up shot in a flashback on Forrest and his son to capture the close proximity of the two as well as to emphasise a positive change in Forrest. It also shows how Forrest’s relationship with his son is built upon through this experience by learning to proceed with his transition as an individual. During The Story of Tom Brennan, Burke explores the various friendships certain characters have between each other and how they result in change and transition for the individuals in a way that the viewer can relate to. Through the use of symbolism when Tom gives a series of photographs to Daniel, it allows Burke to explore the relationship they have between each other in the past as well as to allude to the strong friendship they once had. Despite Daniel’s reckless behaviour, Tom learns to move forward in life nd to leave the past behind. When Matt’s mother says ‘How are you Tom? How’s it going? We’ve been thinking of you’ it develops an affectionate tone towards Tom which encourages a sense of relief. This is significant as it shows how Tom’s friend and family are becoming closer with Tom in order to help him move forward despite any shame his family may have caused. The motif of hills is used to symbolise the difficulties each charac ter goes through. This metaphor is shown when Brendan is jogging with Tom to show the strong friendship they have developed as well as to symbolise how Brendan helps Tom put away his past in order to move on into the world. In a similar way, Zemeckis uses the metaphor of a tree when Forrest says ‘Jenny taught me how to climb’ which is symbolic of the strong friendship they have developed from an experience and shows how Forrest is able to proceed with his transition in life due to the help of Jenny. In flashback, when Forrest is just a kid we are shown how Jenny encourages Forrest when Zemeckis uses as tracking shot to capture how Forrest tries to run away from the kids chasing him on bicycles. The use of a slow motion shot captures the symbolism of Forrest’s leg braces breaking which stresses how Forrest has learned how to break past the things that are stopping him from moving forward in life from his transition due to the encouragement of his great friend Jenny. This is significant as it competently demonstrates to the viewer how breaking past the things that are stopping you from moving into the world can prove to be beneficial. In conclusion, Burke effectively explores the experiences humans have and shows how thy result in some sort of change or transition through the use of a variety of techniques such as flashbacks and many forms of imagery in a realistic way. Likewise, Zemeckis explores the experiences various characters have to demonstrate how they change and proceed with transition in their lives in a way in which viewers can relate to it.

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Professional standards in mental health care Essay

Professional standards in mental health care - Essay Example The ethical dilemma that this paper will address is that of a mental health nurse who receives a phone call from a doctor that asks her to breach patient confidentiality. Firstly, the ethical and legal considerations of the dilemma will be presented. Secondly, the managerial qualities that the nurse in question should display will be provided. Finally, the implications of a chosen solution for the nurse's personal professional practice shall be highlighted. The practice of mental health nursing requires scientific and technical knowledge, and also the ability to make value based judgments (General Medical Council, 2001; Thompson, Melia & Boyd, 2000). These judgments need to be critically analysed and evaluated in the same way that scientific information is assessed. The term ethics is a generic word used to represent a variety of methods for investigating and understanding moral life. As such, medical ethics requires that a mental health nurse go beyond the individual, and draw on presumed universal laws (General Medical Council, 2001). The United Kingdom Mental Health Act states that medical ethics must ensure that a patient is provided with reception, care and treatment, and adequate management of their property and related matters. It is postulated here that a patient's right to confidentiality is a matter that must be properly managed stipulated by the Act (General Medical Council, 2001).Medical ethics can be summarized into four g eneral principles: 1) patient autonomy; 2) beneficence for the patient; 3) avoidance of harm to the patient (non-maleficence); and 4) justice (General Medical Council, 2001). The principles are intended to guide the value judgments of the nurse, not to substitute judgment. As such, each principle is followed until it conflicts with one or more of the other principles, although no principle is ranked higher than any other principle. However, in recent times, justice has become a significant issue. Justice involves not only the fair distribution of benefits from medicine, but also legal justice and doing what is required of the law. This includes human rights which are grounded in the ethics of justice.The current dilemma involves issues of patient confidentiality. It is argued here that the right of confidentiality would be included in the principle of patient justice, and their rights to confidentiality in regards to their medical treatments. A nurse's respect for confidentiality is vital to cultivate and maintain a sense of trust between themselves and their patients (British Medical Association [BMA], 1999). As such, a therapeutic relationship is unable to be conductive to the healing processes if the patient cannot be confident that their personal information will not remain confidential and private. The breach of confidentiality should only occur in the most exceptional of situations, and the medical professional who breaks confidentiality should be able to adequately justify their reason for doing so (BMA, 1999). The personal health information of a patient is collected by medical staff to provide the future care and treatment to the patient, in general, this information is not to be used for any other purpose if the patient has not been made aware of the other uses, and given permission fro their information

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Why Do We Garden Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Why Do We Garden - Research Paper Example Indeed, in America and by extension in the world, gardening is the most common hobby or personal activity. We can identify various gardens in America whose care is under people of distinct ages. In fact, it is amazing to realize that gardening is more popular than many major sporting activities in the U.S. Ideally, to get a clear understanding of gardening, it is necessary to study various books, follow given instructions, carryout research, and engage in practical gardening activities. Generally, gardening keeps our lives busy and satisfies our practical and emotional needs. However, the purpose of establishing a garden or gardening heavily relies on the gardener and most specifically their age. This paper defines a garden and establishes the fundamental reasons as to why we garden. In doing this, the paper addresses our need for botanical samples and defines the satisfaction we get from successful gardens and why we blame ourselves on failed gardens. In this context, the paper refe rs to English Garden, Organic Garden, and Zen Garden. Indeed, establishing a good garden is not an easy fete as there are numerous challenges relating to weeds among other factors. More so, the parents or guardians may tend to prevent their children from establishing gardens for fear of the health, physical, or even injurious risks involved. Notably, a garden may be a representation of our lives. Indeed, our lives may have several dimensions that define our mode of living depicting the several gardens that reflect our lives. Firstly, one of the gardens in our lives may involve our minds, which form part of our personal lives where we grow our aspirations, desires, and dreams. More so, the society may form a garden where the community grows and derives humanity. In addition, we can refer to our homes as another garden where we grow up and bring up our children. As such, a garden symbolizes a place of growing things and the art of growing things refer to gardening. However, in this co ntext, we will address a garden and gardening within the realms of agriculture and plants. We therefore focus on where we grow, what we grow, and how we grow it. Notably, there is a big difference between the traditional and modern gardens and ways of gardening. Indeed, in the traditional set up, gardening involved following wandering cow paths. We can actually trace the history of ornamental gardens to the Egyptian paintings of 1500 BCE, which manifested lotus ponds and rows of cultivated acacias and palms. However, this has changed over time and within cultures from Zen gardens to beautiful rose gardens, from the elegant English gardens to the rock gardens (Pollan 1-2) and from the greenhouse/organic gardens to the rudimentary cactus gardens located within a high building. As such, we can establish significant differences from traditional gardening and modern gardening. However, in most cases, a garden is generally in a secluded place, and its main purpose is to derive pleasure an d beauty. Ideally, gardens are synonymous in our lives and you can identify their uniqueness in appearance everywhere you go. Actually, different gardens bear unique characteristics, adopt distinct gardening techniques, and serve different purposes. Most, assuredly, the purposes of gardening are as unique as the gardener or the physical appearance of various gardens in the world. Furthermore, there is available information relating to gardens and gardening in various books and web sources. These sources enable different people in establishing successful gardens and carrying out gardening activities. A garden generally refers to an enclosed and privileged space out of doors where people of different ages grow various plants

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IAM Application Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 6750 words

IAM Application - Essay Example This is very crucial when the end user wants to make payments using his or her online payments methods. With iAM, the user will be guaranteed making secure payments because the user is authorized with his identity and he can easily interact with the application at ensuring that all factors are taken into consideration that allow only the right access. With the advancements in technology in different sectors, iAM application has proved to be essential and used in allowing keyless access to homes, office, parking, cars as well as the ability of igniting engines. Using this application, users are able to access their facilities, equipments without using keys or any other device. It allows for individuals access without using gadgets as it brings on board features that allow the individual or a group of users to get access. What an individual needs is to stay at some distance and allow the application to detect the user. Other essential functions of this application are that it stores pa sswords for login into websites and credit card information. This will improve the security as well as promote the recovery of passwords without the end-user undergoing much wastage of time. Similarly, the stored of passwords allows the user to save on time as one logins to sites which may be demanding and time consuming. The encryption of data is also important as it uses a language that only the user is able to understand hence keeping away imposers. As a result of this, there is high security of the information which are used in the access management. Additionally, the support of cloud services is important, as iAM application is able to store more information that can be retrieved at any timer an individual wishes. It also has data backups as well as increased security, as cloud services are effective in reducing time wastage and in promoting data recovery. Near Field Communications (NFC) Near field communication (NFC) is defined as a set of standards which are used by smartphon es in establishing radio communications between two gadgets through touching them or bringing them together on a closer distance. The recent technological advancements marked by increased developments of paying methods and electronic payments, near field communication have proved its effectiveness in facilitating payment options. Users who have this application on their Smartphone can find it easy in replacing and choosing alternatives on through these applications. For instance, consumers with Smartphone that supports this application can replace the use of debit and credit cards with electronic wallet. Near Field Communication works in a close or short range to enable it define the set standards. Therefore, it requires the user to stay closer to enable to radio communication between the two sets. It also works with low power wireless link that allows it to detect the gadgets that are communicating. Through this application, it is able to detect and allow access of the user or deny the user depending with the applications that are applied. Near Field Communication is used in various platforms beyond just making payment transactions. One of its functions is to allow access through providing electronic identity and physical access control. Through this, it is able to permit only the authorized personnel in accessing a facility and locking or barring those not authorized. This works through allowing those who have the identity to have the access while denying access as it is not able to detect those who do

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AT&T and T-Mobile's failed merger Research Paper

AT&T and T-Mobile's failed merger - Research Paper Example Both the corporation, AT&T and T-mobile were of the opinion that the merger lacked the intensity to affect the interests of the consumers in the wireless market. In other words, the wireless market will remain indifferent in spite of the merger. The deal amounted to 39 billion dollars. As the result of the deal, AT&T emerged as the largest mobile phone service provider in the country. Research question Whether the deal would have been fruitful from the consumers’ point of view? Literature Review and Analysis The resulted deal would offer AT&T to enjoy 43% of the market share. The market power would have widened the difference among the competitors in the market further. Researchers were of the opinion that the resulting merger would contribute to enhance the market power. The market structure is highly concentrated with lots of competitors and follows the guidelines of the horizontal merger. The arguments as well as the evidence provided by AT&T in the application were found t o be insufficient to ignore the presumption of increase in market power. According to the guidelines, the concentration of the market and the share of the market are measured on the basis of revenues. The products can be differentiated in the market and therefore revenues will act as the relevant parameter for measurement. If the revenues are fully attributable to the facilities based carriers, The Herfindahl-Hirschman Index would result to 3356 for the wireless market while the increase in index would be 741. On the other hand if the subscribers of the resellers are fully attributed to the resellers, then the index on the basis of revenue would be 3279 and the increase in the index would be 727. Therefore both the approaches show the market power is getting enhanced as a result of the merger. T-mobile continued to remain a strong player in the market. The other players lacked the competency to deal with the slack resulting from the elimination of T-mobile from the market. The effec ts of anti-competition could not be rubbed off completely as the resulting inefficiencies were not up to the mark (Goldfarb, 2011). The competitive disadvantages of the competitors rose. The effect was felt on quality and costs. The costs took the steep rising curve with poor standards of quality. The power of the competitors was limited and the roaming services felt the heat. AT&T and T-mobile offered the same quality of product under different conditions and at different prices. The authorities have to evaluate the national market and the local market separately as the price ranges kept on changing. The competitive effects on both markets were evaluated. A concern at the national level may not be a concern at the local markets and vice versa. The effects of the merger on the consumers would have been two folds. The subscribers of T-mobile will be left with no other option but to avail the highly priced smart phones and data services from AT&T instead of the affordable data plans o f T-mobile. The objective of AT&T in the merger was to enhance the consumer base (Besen, Kletter, Moresi, Salop and Woodbury, 2012). If the consumers of T-mobile come under the umbrella of AT&T significant amount of revenues will be generated and AT&T can gain the same level of profits. The customers will have to feel the pinch on the pockets by paying higher charges and also compromise of the quality of service. If T-mobile can be rubbed off from the market scenario, AT&T

Football in America Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Football in America - Essay Example This means that soccer is in fifth place in popularity according to the American sports fans preferences. There could be a nationalistic reason behind this negative perception of soccer in the United States. 3.- Americans don't like games that can end up in draws and this is a cultural factor. The big 3 major team sports (basketball, baseball and American football) suffered different rules changes in the twentieth century to make them more popular. 4.- Sports fans from the United States would like to see a change of rules in soccer, but this could be controversial for the rest of the world. It wouldn't be soccer if only the Americans make a change of the rules; it would be a different game for the rest of the world. 1.- The most obvious marketing factor is the barriers to entry into the market. The four top team sports cover most of the space, and the space is limited. There cannot be too many sports in the consumer's minds. Too many options are not good from the marketing point of view. 2.- But the barriers to entry can also be explained as another kind of limit. It has to do with the motivation about watching soccer. It is about enjoying the game itself. It is about satisfying the needs of watching an easy game with easy rules. But basketball fills these needs already for the American sports fans as basketball and soccer are similar in several relevant ways as Mandelbaum pointed out in his article. 3.- Another reason related to this similarity is that basketball is a strong substitute. It has deep roots in the American sports fans. Its roots are very difficult to change through marketing efforts. It would cost a lot of money to advertise soccer in new ways to make it more appealing to the American audience. 4.- A change of the rules is needed in order to make soccer popular in the United States but this solution is very controversial even from the marketing point of view. We think that both reasons get combined together to make soccer a loser in the American market. Both cultural (or nationalistic) and marketing reasons play their role in making Americans indifferent towards the most popular game in the world. Mandelbaum states the following about the similarities between basketball and soccer: "Spectators see the same thing in the two games: episodes of spontaneous coordination, with players devising and implementing schemes for scoring. They see, that is, acts of creation. If architecture is, as is sometimes said, music set in concrete, then football and basketball may be said to be creativity embodied in team sports. () Football and basketball are therefore the team sports that most vividly evoke a common human fantasy: to leave the ground and fly through the air. () Their marked similarities, however, also mean that the two sports duplicate each other. They provide the same satisfactions. For spectators they are, in a sense, alternatives. North Americans don't need football because they already get what it has to offer from basketball."

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Type of organizational structure for a company you may work for Term Paper

Type of organizational structure for a company you may work for - Term Paper Example The first Federal agency to offer medical care to veterans was the Naval Home in Philadelphia, PA. The home was formed in 1812 and was followed by the formation of Soldiers Home in 1853 and St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in 1855. Congress shaped the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers in 1865 in answer to the towering number of Civil War casualties. These homes were at first intended to be room and board for disabled veterans. Though, by the late 1920’s, the homes were giving a level of care similar to hospital care. Beginning in the mid-1990s VHA undergo what the agency characterizes as a major alteration aimed at improving the excellence and effectiveness of care it provides to its patients. That conversion included eliminating underutilized inpatient beds and amenities, increasing outpatient clinics, and reorganization eligibility rules. A main focus of the conversion was the tracking of a number of routine indicators—counting quality-of-care procedures—and holding senior managers responsible for improvements in those events. In the July 18, 2005 matter of US News and World Report, Veterans Administration hospital care is hyped as over and over again as the best around. The high ranking to the conversion of the VA health care classification over the precedent decade. Starting in the l990s under the guidance of Dr. Kenneth Kizer, the Veterans Health Administration organized a presentation and answerability system that was joined openly to the value of patient care and result. Patient protection and a new culture of safety that heartens coverage and assessment of errors plus close calls, instead of the corrective emergence of the past, carry on to be an aspect in Veterans Administration’s success (Allison Percy, 2009 ). In adding up, computerized patient report, clinical reminders that endorse guideline suggested care, a bar coding system for further precise drug

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Ethnomusicology Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Ethnomusicology - Research Paper Example Despite the social and cultural changes, art remains the most appropriate way of capturing the dynamic cultural features. People use art to depict their cultural features and development with music and dance being among the oldest surviving arts that help portray cultural developments. In the contemporary society, people use music and dance to represent their traditional cultures, which have changed and are thus unique in the modern society as the discussion below portrays. Held in Berlin in 2006, the thunder nations powwow was one such concerts that sought to display various traditional cultures. At the concert, people used music and to represent their traditional cultures a feature that provided an effective platform for evaluating the social and cultural changes throughout the history of the cultures. The discussion below therefore analyses the cultural development by comparing the art of music and dance in some of the traditional cultures displayed at the event. In doing this, the article investigates the dance and musical techniques used in some of the traditional cultures and the vocal variations among other features of music that have evolved alongside the changes in the cultures. The article investigates particular hypothetical features of the cultures portrayed in the music and dances thereby portraying the artistic features the traditionalists used in their music vis-Ã  -vis the features as employed in contemporary music. Among the musical groups that performed at the concert was the Bear claw singers, a traditional Indian musical group based in Dallas Texas. The group performs traditional music with the view of bringing the entire Indian community together. They uphold particular traditional Indian values including the belief that their musical and drum performances are gifts from God that they employ in uniting the Indian community from all over the world. Their songs are therefore spiritual and glorification to their God. The group’s performances

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Managing Employment Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Managing Employment Relations - Essay Example This paper will discuss the objectives of pay, the factors that influence the determination of the pay and the various forms that pay can take place. A company has a certain objective when deciding the pay scale on which all the employees have to be paid. First the objective is determined and then the pay scales are formulated accordingly so that the pay is following and fulfilling the objective in mind. Companies can have various objectives. The first and the foremost one is that companies are trying to recruit, retain and then motivate their employees through the pay scale. Recruitment becomes easy if the company is paying more than the industry average. All prospective employees searching for jobs will consider the company as one of the most lucrative places to work if it is paying more than the industry average. Moreover, it also contributes to a very positive and appealing employer branding of the company in the eyes of the prospective employees. Once a person has been hired as an employee, a good pay scale will help in recruiting him for a long period of time, even if he gets offers from other companies to join them. moreov er, motivation to perform better and to give increased levels of productivity are also one of the major objectives that can be linked with the pay. (Brown, pg 17, 2003) The second type of objectives that a company can have are that which are part of broader organizational objectives, for instance if the company has decreasing the amount of pay it is giving to its employees, then it is using this action as a contribution to the broader organizational objectives of controlling costs and cutting down on the expenses of the company. if the company wants to be competitive in nature, then its objectives as far as pay is concerned, will be to increase the pay so that it can get that edge over competitors. Other objectives can be that the company keeps a certain purchasing power position for its employees and gives them pays accordingly. (Locke, p234, 1995) It will help the company to see exactly how much purchasing power does its employees have in relation to the present economy. Objectives of fairness and equity can also be achieved through paying well. For instance, the motivation and productivity of the company's employees are also directly linked with how much fair the pay system is. If one person is giving less input than another person, is he getting less output than the other person Is there any sort of inclination towards certain employees when it comes to the pay systems This is linked to the concept of "a fair days pay for a fair days work" since everyone wants to get that share of the pay which they deserve and they do not want to see others getting more pay with less work. Thus, equity has to be maintained and the right balance between work and pay should be tried to achieve by the employers so that pay can be performance related, rather than time related. Time related pay leads to the employee getting too complacent about his work responsibilities and he might not be as productive as he can be in actuality. Lastly, the objectives of pay can also be linked to regularity, security, improvement and development. (Wright, p192, 2004) A company wants to

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Pricing and Costing Methods Essay Example for Free

Pricing and Costing Methods Essay Organizations today more than ever before must ensure that they reduce costs as well, as the time used to avail products and services to the market. Since planning as well as the estimation of costs are critical to businesses it is important that organizations chose the best pricing and costing techniques. (Seonen, 2006). The implication here is that the fundamental goal of any business concern is to minimize its costs of operation while maximizing its returns to the shareholders. In order to achieve this, there is need to put in place the best pricing policies as well as the most appropriate costing techniques. This paper will attempt to examine the various costing as well as pricing methods that are available for use by business organizations. Traditional costs estimation methods like marginal and absorption costing will be looked at. Equally the newer costing method, the activity based costing will be discussed alongside other pricing methods. (Seonen, 2006) Pricing Methods Average cost pricing One example of pricing methods is the average cost pricing. Average cost pricing as a cost method involves the calculation of average costs per unit. To obtain this, the total cost of goods available for sale is divided by the total units available for sale. The weighted average approach is applied to all the closing inventories. (Duffie, 1992) The disadvantage with this method is the fact that it ignores the effects of cost increases as well as decreases. This is usually due to the fact that cost of closing inventory calculated under this category is usually affected the prices paid in the entire year as well as the cost of the opening stock. The method thus ignores more recent costs which are more reliable in income determination and decision making. Pricing methods Cost plus pricing: this is one of the pricing methods where by the price for a given product or service is the sum of the actual cost of the product or service plus a profit margin. This method of pricing is mostly used as an interim contractual measure. (Lintner 1965) The major advantage of this method is that it’s easy to calculate and need little information in computing the project costs and thus mostly used in pricing government contracts. The other hand this method has come under sharp criticism for encouraging wasteful expenditures in government contracts coupled by corruption. The other pricing method is the option pricing method that is commonly used in the motor vehicle industry. (Birge, 1997 ) option pricing method is basically where by an organization prices its products in a way that it provides a base price for its products which in most cases is always low to attract customers who upon visiting the store find other product accessories that can be purchased and added to the product. For example most vehicle manufacturing companies will provide a base price for their cars and use their showrooms to market other product parts like the car music systems, alarms e. t. c. Capital asset pricing model (CAPM) is another pricing approach that can be used in the financial sector, (Lintner 1965, pp. 12-39) it basically based on the investors ability to invest in many other fronts (divest) without additional costs, this approach is advantageous in that any future cash flows can easily be monitored with only knowing the investments correlation with the market, market risk premium as well as the risk free rates. Comparable uncontrolled price method(CUP),this is a method that seeks to establish the ALP, through comparing the controlled and the uncontrolled transaction in relation to the asset or service that has been transferred, (Duffie,1992) this method is mostly used in provision of loan by financial institutions as well by other organizations that sell intangibles. Resale price method, this is a method that seeks to evaluate the process of activities performed or done rather than the eventual output (product) (Lintner,1965,pp. 2-37)its commonly used in instances where the reseller do not add any meaningful value to the finished product and no physical changes are made on the product, the eventual resale price is determined by the resale price of a commodity then subtracting the gross profit margin achieved from the resale as well as all the expenses incurred, before arriving at the resale price of the commodity Bid pricing: This is a method of pricing that is commonly used in the stock exchange markets. it basically involve the respective clients placing bids or prices they would like to purchase the stocks of shares, and with the buyers and the sellers, with the highest bidder purchasing the property, price movements at times in the stock market always leads to the uncertainty in the market prices. (Sharpe,1964,p. 425-442) Target pricing: This is a method of pricing where business organizations price their products differently basing on the different market segments that they target with their products, the products may not necessarily have diverse differences to justify the difference in prices but the underlying idea is to maximize on profit in market segments that can pay higher prices for the product as this helps to cover on the lower segment, where the product may be priced lower. (Dominick,2008,p. ) The basic advantage of this pricing method is that it enables a company to earn higher profits without necessarily increasing production costs since it’s the same product that is sold to different target markets, Target pricing is generally common in the mobile phone industry where the same gadgets with minor modification are actually sold to different target markets at different prices Costing Methods Marginal costing This method also known as the direct coasting method has the main characteristic of charging all the manufacturing or product costs to the product irrespective of whether the costs are variable or fixed. Lucey, 1993) This method is useful in pricing decisions that are short term in nature in determining the least price that can be charged to a product below which losses will occur. The implication here is that marginal or direct costing as a traditional costing method suffers from the major drawback of oversimplification because it tends to employ only the volume of the product. Job costing is the method of costing where the coast of a product or service is determined by allocating costs ton a particular unit, a batch or even to a lot of the product or service. It is more or less the same as batch costing. Precisely, job costing method is applicable where good and services are produced as a result of a series of continuous operations. It is thus considered a product costing technique in which case emphasis is laid on the determination of the cost of a unit product. (Sobngwi, 2007) Absorption costing It has been the practice of many firms to charge manufacturing overheads on the basis of direct costs like direct labour. The technique used tended to differ in terms of details as well as allocation bases. Some systems employ a single base like total direct cost while others use several bases like direct labour and raw materials. Absorption costing as a method of costing allocates all the costs to the objects of the cost. This usually happen based on direct costs or even physical output measures. Marginal cost allocations are important for many managerial decisions like the valuation of stock as well as calculation of profits. (Sobngwi, 2007) The method may however not be very appropriate for product range decisions since the net profit figure from this technique tends to be unsatisfactory base for product range decisions. Allocation of expenses between two departments may be difficult. One department may for example have a fully developed product which could require only a little development resources while the other department could be in need of full development. In such a case dividing the costs will thus be inaccurate. This has the implication that there is uncertainty as to whether dropping one product line would lead to a reduction of the total expenses allocated to that product. (Bjornlund Rossini 2005). Activity Based Costing (ABC) The activity based costing (ABC) was developed as a reaction to the shortcomings of the marginal and absorption costing methods. This method gives a description of the activity in overhead departments which can be recognized by both the departmental managers as well being driven by cost factors. The cost factors are usually the characteristics of the products s well as other cost objects. ABC is usually a two step process. First, the costs of similar activities in various overhead centers are collected. In this case the total direct cost of each department is then charged to each activity based on its use of total capacity as well as the total of all the costs of all activities collected from all the departments in activity cost pools. Seonen, 2006) Second, the cost drives of each cost pool are identified after which cost drivers are quantified and the allocations to product costs derived. (Seonen, 2006) There are usually many varieties of cost drivers to choose from in an attempt to explain the costs of an object. The bottom line however is that they have to be capable of being quantified in terms of both the cost pool as well as the cost objects. Conclusion There is always need for consistency as well as standardization of the methods of financial pricing and costing methods have been recognized. Adam et el,2003) This has led to the innovations of many sets of guidelines for both economic evaluations and costs. In the final analysis therefore, variations in cost methods that are usually used in business organizations have raised many questions resulting into the inability to compare the results of various costing as well as pricing methods. However in order to achieve both the transferability as well be able to generalize results there is need to apply uniform cost pricing and estimation methods in order to minimize any chances of variations.

Blood Brothers Essay Example for Free

Blood Brothers Essay Within a Blood Brothers. Compare the role of the narrator in the Play Blood Brothers and consider how you Would present the narrator to an audience if you were the director. The dictionary definition of narrate VT (a story) to tell, relate; to give an account of; (film, TV) to provide a spoken commentary for narration n narrator n The tradition of narration came from the Greek chorus. Their were thirteen people in the chorus; all singing and dancing. The chorus which served as the narrator, asked probing questions, and also gave great advice to the heroes. If there was any violence it was merely narrated, and not presented for fear of offending the audience. The purpose of the narrator is to let the audience know what is going on. Narration is one of the most important components of a story. The characters, plot, setting, and theme are also significant; however the narrator sets the mood and also the pace of the story, as well as predicting what might happen when the narrator is omniscient. In Blood Brothers the narrator plays a variety of roles for example sometimes he is at a higher status than them and also is sometimes very negative. The original Greek narrator was in a chorus which consisted of thirteen people, in the play Blood Brothers the narrator sang with the characters but he was much more involved and not separated, as the Greek chorus were. The Greek chorus usually stayed as part of the chorus or on the side of the stage. They knew everything about the characters and sometimes they could see into the future like in Blood Brothers when the narrator was preparing the audience for what was going to come next in throughout the play. They usually spoke the beginning and end of the play. He narrated the beginning of the play to set the scene and at the end he was the last one to speak before they in Blood Brothers case this was just after the twins died. In act 1 scene 1 the narrator is a storyteller. He also sounds, very negative in what he is saying as he says Brother parted from brother Wrenched apart A stone in the place of a heart which is negative. His mother gave him away because she didnt think she would be able to cope and also because of money as well as her other seven children. I feel that the narrator is being very harsh because the way he says A stone in the place of a heart but she knew that she might be able to cope with one more children but not with two as its only her to look after them. I dont think its good that the narrator manipulates the characters minds as it is coming away from the tradition so I dont think thats a good idea because as soon as one thing changes they change everything. In this scene Act 1 scene 3 the shoes the shoes Whats wrong with them on. On the table take them off take them off oh god you never put new shoes on a table Miss Lyons. You never know what might happen. The narrator is forcing the idea of superstitions and it makes the audience wonder if it will have any effects, as it appears to. Eventually he is also trying to enforce that as she was not very well educated and believe in superstition like that but as the educated ones know more and are better off so they dont believe in as much superstition as them. The narrator appears to be working in Mrs Lyons favour and against the mother. In act 1 scene 6 the narrator informs the audience he has also set up his plan on controlling the families, that the mother reminding the audience of the decision and is regretting giving her baby away, The debt makes it sound like its a business deal and is also a metaphor, Paid those words are both cold. The narrator is also blaming the mother for giving her child away. I think that it is her fault for giving her child but at the end of the day she knew she wouldnt be able to cope with any more children so she had to do something. The narrators main role throughout the show is to act as a constant reminder to us of the brothers tragic fate for example Shoes upon the table which is repeated throughout both acts of the show. In Act 2 scene 1 the narrator makes this scene particularly eerie. The idea of the devil being there all the time indicates something terrible might happen. Here he is playing the part of the devil theres no use clutching at your rosary, the Devils in the back yard, he can see thought the gaps in the curtains he sees it all, theres no use in hiding in the hall. When he raps at the knocker then he knows youre in; No you wont no youll never get away from him. This raises an evil issue as hes everywhere. The last two lines No you wont, No youll never get away from him. Is an eerie writing that is repeated for even more effect. From Act 2 scene 11 we notice from the first two lines that there is repetition. The only difference is of the back yard working class garden middle class. Devil in your bones getting into your ghostly running away from someone you can run hide but hell always find you when he rings at the chimes it builds up tension as he is saying that you will never get away from the devil even if you run hide hell always find you and is also showing the ghostly side of him, and again the idea of the negative within the play. From Act 4 Scene 1 we notice the narrator in a positive light as he comments The summers never ever going to end The devil is hardly visible. There is not much evidence of negative. The narrator also makes the audience happy which also makes the m unprepared for what is coming. In Act 4 scene 2 there is as difference as the social class has divided them because Mickey wanted to work but Eddie has a lot of money and doesnt have to work which causes frustration for Mickey. Again the narrator hints at the idea that the social class division may lead to a negative outcome. In this scene (Act 4 scene 3) Mickey is offered a job from Eddie but refuses it and is sad because he cannot find one himself, the feels that he has lost the sense of pride. Again this gives the audience even more clue that because of this Mickey and Eddie will be torn apart even more. In Act 5 scene 1 Linda got Mickey and Eddie takes over his fathers business. Gradually throughout the play the narrator is not warning + predicting but gradually taking over the whole character by being within that character. If I was the director I would dress the narrator in black as that is a dark colour and also can represent the negativity in the play. But I would also dress him in a lighter colour like yellow to show the happier side of the narrator. I would make him dress in red to show the devil side of him or give him a red fork so show that there is also a devil with in him when he is manipulating the characters to do bad things or talking in a cold tone. Id also consider putting him at a higher status I would make him stand on the balcony or on staging blocks as he seems to be controlling the families but I would also ask him to walk around so he would be in with the cast to show the equality in status at times. He would have a deep voice as many people see god as having a deep voice and as he is controlling the families and is a higher status and people see god to be in the sky. My narrator would appear at the beginning and at the end of the play. He would also appear to sing with the characters so he will be interacting with the characters. He would also be standing on the balcony at the side when he would be controlling the families I would also want him to interact with the characters as I want him walking around in between the characters when they are frozen and he is explaining to the audience what is happening. For the body language if I was showing the bad side of him I would make him stand in one place at a higher status staring down at the characters but if hes in a good mood I want him walking around interacting with the characters. I would also give him a strong accent as many people perceive god to have a strong accent and a deep voice. He will also talk loud as thats how many people see god. Conclusion The understanding of the narrator has helped me to analyse this dramatic technique by setting the scene, also explaining to the audience what is going on. I found it particularly useful to be able to compare the Blood Brothers narrator with the original Greek narrator and this produced me with even more understanding.

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Assessing The Paris Fashionable Concepts Cultural Studies Essay

Assessing The Paris Fashionable Concepts Cultural Studies Essay The concept of Paris fashion represents one of the most powerful and long-running place in modern history. But even a cursory examination of the way the term has been used draws attention to the complexity of the notion of the fashion capital, and to the complexity of the fashion process itself. The routine description of the city over the past 200 years as the capital world of fashion contribute to this understanding. ::::Downloads:eiffel-tower-1.jpg Figure 2.2 , Eifel Tower in Paris, Available at: Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World. Paris has long been an international hub of fashion design. Paris is home to many distinguished design houses, such as Chanel, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Chloe, Givenchy, Lanvin, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. Paris is also a premier destination for shopping, with streets such as Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honre and the Champs-Elysees hosting boutiques from designers around the world. Besides fashion and leather goods, Paris is has a number of well-known jewelers, such as Cartier SA, Boucheron, Chaumet, and Van Cleef Arpels. They have their flagships at the famed Place Vendome. Twice a year, Paris is home to a fashion week, where the citys fashion houses present their collections. Designers from other countries also present their collections in Paris. Notable examples include Belgian designers Dries van Noten, Martin Margeila, and Ann Demeulemester; Dutch design duo Viktor Rolf; and Japanese deisgners Yohji Yamamoto, Issey Miyake, and Junya Watanabe. Pinault-Printemps-Redoute and LVMH, the two major holding companies in contemporary fashion, are both headquartered in Paris. Paris has been interpreted as a world centre of fashion because of its distinctive metropolitan cultures of consumption, both in the narrow sense of shops and shopping, and in a broader sense of the practices associated with the wearing of fashionable dress in the spaces of the city. There has been something approaching a naturalization of Pariss relationship with fashion, often around the elevation of a certain construction of fashionable femininity to a symbol of Parisian superiority. [Fashions World Cities, David Gilbert, 2006] ::::Downloads:christian_dior_haute_couture_2009_01.jpg Figure 2.3 , Christian Dior Haute Couture fashion show 2009, Available at: Since the seventeenth century, fashion has been an important industry and cultural export of France, and modern haute couture originated in Paris in the 1860s. Today, Paris is considered one of the worlds fashion capitals, along with London, Milan, and New York City, and the city is home or headquarters to many of the premier fashion houses. The culture of Paris and of the French people has been shaped by geography, by profound historical events, and by foreign and internal forces and groups. Paris, has played an important part as a center of high culture and of decorative arts since the seventeenth century, first in Europe, and from the nineteenth century onwards, world wide. From the late nineteenth century, Paris has also played an important role in modern art, cinema, fashion and cuisine. Paris is today the melting pot of diverse cultures. However, it still retains its own unique charm or attraction when it comes to ethnicity, geography and the French language. The once isolated local customs arising out of regional differences have matured to become a cultural identity that is unique to the heterogeneity. The culture of Paris (or to say France), has been largely influenced by mandatory defense service, the Franco-Prussian feud and World War I and World War II. The two world wars were responsible for the flood of cultural influences and centralized market forces. Today, the people in Paris symbolize collective identity. The Parisian society is more inclined to believing in public-spiritedness, state socialistic spending, and in public initiatives. The Paris culture is characteristic of chauvinism, a term which is widely used all over the World (the countries of the West, esp. Europe and the Americas), integrated politics, universalism and the popular French grandeur. Although, now the traditional family structure has evolved from the joint family to nuclear. Most modern people in Paris prefer to relate to the term French as a nationality and their language and not a measure of ethnicity, specific to the city. There are many immigrants from Africa, Asia and other European countries who have made Paris or France their home with diverse ethnic ascendants, resulting in interracial relationships. According to Hofsteds Framework for Assessing Culture, the culture of Paris is moderately individualistic and high Power Distance Index. There is clearly a significant overlap between the cities routinely described as world fashion cities, like Paris, and those identified by Friedmann, Sassen and their followers as primary world cities or global cities. Given, in Friedmanns terminology, the embeddedness of a transnational capitalist class whose ideology is consumerist in such world cities, and given fashions inherent elitism and consumerism, it would be very surprising if this were not the case. [Fashions World Cities, David Gilbert, 2006] The acceptance of lebianism, homosexuality and gay marriages in Paris, speaks volumes for the broad-mindedness of the French. In fact, Paris mayor Bertrand Delanoà «, makes no attempt to hide his gay identity. In Paris, the French movies, music and literature are vibrant and multicultural. The language follows a preordain official originality standard. French is spoken widely across the globe, inspite of the repression with regional and foreign languages in certain countries. It has become a part of the education forum and a popular option in many bilingual educational institutions. As far as religion goes, Paris is secular and dedicatedly adheres to the principle of freedom of religion, a political dictate that was enshrined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789. A mix of Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Jews and atheists live in Paris and add quality to the essence of French character. So therefore, Paris is a multicultural society. In the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries these cities have developed intense concentrations of advanced producer services, typically in sectors such as banking, accountancy, advertising, insurance, commercial law and management consultancy. Sassen argues that financial deregulation and the development of new forms of telecommunications, media and information technology, far from dispersing economic activities as some predicted, has created an aggressive new logic for their concentration of these activities as some predicted, has created an aggressive new logic for their concentration of these activities in a few great cities. Sassen further argues that increasing economic and social polarization has marked global cities, particularly London and New York. Alongside the development of advanced producer services has been a parallel development of a low-paid service sector, often characterized by a casualized labour force with a high proportion of immigrants. [Fashions Worl d Cities, David Gilbert, 2006] London: ::::Downloads:Somerset House Strand.JPG Figure 3.1 , Somerset House in London, Available at: London as one of the worlds four fashion capitals, the London Fashion Week is one of the Big Four fashion weeks, which is organised by the British Fashion Council. The current venue for most of the events is Somerset House in central London, where a large marquee in the central courtyard hosts a series of catwalk shows by top designers and fashion houses, while an exhibition, housed within Somerset House itself, showcases over 150 designers. British designers whose collections have been showcased at the fashion week include Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney, while British models who have featured at the event include Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Jade Jagger and Jodie Kidd. Fashion designer Mary Quant was at the heart of the Swinging London scene of the 1960s, and her work culminated in the creation of the miniskirt and hot pants. Mary Quant named the miniskirt that she designed after her favourite make of car, the Mini. The English fashion designer Charles Frede rick Worth is widely considered the father of Haute couture. According to an article in the Time, yet behind this confection of a city peopled by the famous and beautiful, all dressed in the latest cutting-edge fashions, was a sense that the new London was a key site in much broader changes taking place across the Western world: increasing consumer affluence, particularly among teenagers and young adults, changing intergenerational relationships, and new attitudes towards popular culture, leisure and the body. [Fashions World Cities, David Gilbert, 2006] ::::Downloads:London_cultural_icons.jpg Figure 3.2 , Cultural icons of London, Available at: The London culture concerns the arts, music, museums, festivals and other entertainment in London, the capital city of the United Kingdom. The city is renowned for its theatre district, and its West End theatre district has given the name to West End theatre, the strand of mainstream professional theatre staged in the large theatres in London. London also homes to notable cultural attractions such as the British Museum, the Tate Galleries, the National Gallery, the Notting Hill Carnival and The O2. An assortment of landmarks and objects are cultural icons associated with London, such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the tube map. According to visiting tourists, there are a few other British cultural icons that are strongly associated with London , including the red telephone box, the routemaster bus, the black taxi or more famously known as the London cab and the Union Flag. ::::Downloads:RoyalOperaHouse-25-02-09w.jpg Figure 3.3 , The Floral Hall of the Royal Opera House in London, Available at: London has the famous, London Symphony Orchestra, London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the the BBC Symphony Orchestra and Philharmonia. There are also quite a few chamber orchestras, some of which specialise in period instrument performances, including the Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, and the Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. The city is home to more than 300 nationalities, and the diversity of cultures has shaped the citys culture over time. In London, rank, status and inequalities between people are reasonably low. This obviously shows in a number of ways, such as legislation protecting ethnic minorities rights. This is observed in the office where the relationship between superiors and subordinates is relatively casual and incorporates little ceremony. London scores really high for Individualism. Therefore points to that fact that the British cultural values promote individuality. In London, the nuclear family is the more predominant form of basic social structure. In the business environment, the individual is more concerned with themselves rather than the team. The level of power distance (uncertainty avoidance) in London is quite low. This means that the British culture is relatively open to taking risks and dealing with change, which can be seen in the constant revision of laws and government structures. In the workplace, conflict or disagreement, even with superiors, is considered healthy. ::::Downloads:the_sex-pistols.jpg Figure 3.4 , The Sex Pistols, Available at: London is really famous for its rock scene, and was the starting point of some of the greatest 60s and 70s band such as Iron Maiden, The Clash, Led Zeppelin, The Sex Pistols, The Who, Pink Floyd, Queen and very popular 90s bands like Blur, Coldplay, Radiohead, and Oasis that are still very popular to this day. Most of the major bands tours pass through London as well, favourite venues being the Brixton Academy, the London Astoria, and the Hammersmith Apollo. In addition to generating of the bands mentioned above, London, in its capacity as the UKs cultural centre, has served as the base of a number of internationally important acts, including David Bowie, The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix, as well as being instrumental in the birth of dance music. All these artists mentioned above, in their days and till date influence fashion in London and all over the world. à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ ¨London has a thriving urban scene, mainly throughout the 21st century. Soul singers like Joss Stone, Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Lemar have found themselves chart, and international success. RB singers such as Leona Lewis, Jay Sean, The Sugababes, Taio Cruz and Alexandra Burke are also extremely popular. London also has a strong rap scene, which includes rappers like Wiley, Tinchy Stryder and Dizee Rascal among others have helped contribute to London gaining the status of having the strongest rap scene outside of the USA. London has one of the biggest underground scenes in the world. Genres include Drum and bass, Uk garage, Dubstep, 2step and grime. Londons ethnic population is growing strongly and this is having a huge effect on the culture. Indian food is now a significant part of Londons cuisine. Young black Londoners play a predominant part in the British music industry. Besides Afro-Caribbean and Indian culture, Bangladeshi, Polish and Middle-Eastern influences are also present. In London, masculinity is somewhere in the middle. This may reflect the fact that British society and culture aims for equality between the sexes, yet a certain amount of gender bias still exists underneath the surface. The acceptance of lebianism, homosexuality and gay marriages in London, is cause of the all the stars who used to cross-dress for their performances, shows that people in London are broad-minded. There are many other culture related attractions in London, including the Avenue of Stars, a walkway similar to the Hollywood Walk of Fame, with stars commemorating notable individuals or groups. Summary Table: Paris London Similarities Both Paris and London are the fashion capitals of their countries. The melting pot of diverse cultures is existent in both cities. Paris and London are multicultural societies. The acceptance of lesbianism, homosexuality and gay marriages in Paris and London, shows how broad-minded the people or society is. There is a freedom of religion. The rise of technology has led to London and Paris becoming more of open cultures. Differences Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World. Haute Couture started in Paris in the 1860s by Charles Worth. The people in Paris collective identity. The Parisian society is more inclined to believing in public-spiritedness, state socialistic spending, and in public initiatives. While London scores really high for Individualism. Paris has a high Power Distance (rank, status and inequalities between people) Index, while London is comparatively lower. Fashion culture in London was very influenced by the music scene, specially the rock scene, with the bands like the Sex Pistols in the 60s and 70s. While Paris didnt have too much influence of music on fashion. Conclusion: After extensive research and comparing the similarities and differences of both Paris and Londons modern day fashion scene, I realized that even though there are so many similarities on the surface between both cities but once you look at the details or to say under the surface you realize that each city is unique in its own way cause of their influences from cultural dimensions, societal values, history and technology, etc.

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Philosophy of Education :: Philosophy of Teaching Teachers Essays

Philosophy of Education In today’s society a good, well rounded education is what every child needs to succeed. The classroom environment, the curriculum, and the way the classroom is managed are all important factors that contribute to the quality of education that a child receives. I believe that the learning environment is very important to a child’s desire to learn. Like Rousseau, I think that education should take place in a rural setting when possible. Ideally the classes would be small, consisting of fifteen to twenty students. This allows for a more intimate relationship between the student and the teacher. By this I mean there is more time for individualized instruction. I also feel that the school environment should be open and bright. When I attended high school there were no windows in the building. This made me feel imprisoned and uncomfortable. Another important factor is the curriculum that is taught. Like the essentialists, I believe that literature, history, foreign language, religion, math, and science are all very important. I also agree with reconstructionists, requiring current events and government. It is very important to know and understand what is happening in the world and in our own country. When it comes to vocational training I have a humanistic point of view. A student have somewhat of an idea about what they want to do in life. If these children do not plan to attend college, they should be allowed to enroll in a vocational training field of their choice. Another subject that is not mentioned but one that I feel to be very important is drug education. I feel that our educational system does not spend enough time covering drugs and how dangerous they can be. One chapter in a health book is not enough. I feel it should be taught in depth for at least a semester. In this country there is a constantly growing drug problem. If children could learn more about the effects of drugs, maybe it could help them to make better decisions concerning drugs. Classroom management is another key factor to a child’s education. I believe in a structured classroom environment. Many states are now setting standards that the students and schools must meet. Therefore I feel that a good mix of direct instruction and hands-on type of activities are best for this situation. I also feel students should be held accountable for their actions in the classroom; rewarded for exceptional behavior and punished for

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Japanese Internment in Canada Essay -- essays research papers

The core of the Japanese experience in Canada lies in the shameful and almost undemocratic suspension of human rights that the Canadian government committed during World War II. As a result, thousands of Japanese were uprooted to be imprisoned in internment camps miles away from their homes. While only a small percentage of the Japanese living in Canada were actually nationals of Japan, those who were Canadian born were, without any concrete evidence, continuously being associated with a country that was nothing but foreign to them. Branded as â€Å"enemy aliens†, the Japanese Canadians soon came to the realization that their beloved nation harboured so much hate and anti-Asian sentiments that Canada was becoming just as foreign to them as Japan was. Following the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Japanese Canadians lost almost everything, including their livelihood. Their dignity as a people was being seriously threatened. Without any proper thought, they were aware that resistanc e against Canada’s white majority would prove to be futile. Racial discrimination had its biggest opportunity to fully reveal itself while the Japanese silently watched the civil disdain take action, the time slip by throughout the evacuation and internment, and their daily lives simply fall apart at the seams.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The term â€Å"Canadian† offered no redemption as the Japanese Canadians were involuntarily regarded as potential treats to national security by their own fellow citizens. In a country they knew only as home, the â€Å"yellow† race was a culture many felt they could never accept with open arms. In essence, as the prejudice impelled the Japanese to enclose themselves in a separated society, they were decidedly doomed to remain a permanently alien, non-voting population. As visible minorities, the Japanese were easy targets for discrimination in every social aspect of their lives. In 1907, a race riot took place in a district called â€Å"Little Tokyo† in Vancouver. There, an estimated five thousand racist Canadians sought to destroy the homes and stores of the Asian community. By 1928, W.L. Mackenzie King proposed that one hundred fifty Japanese immigrants be permitted to enter Canada each year to prevent future mishaps. The bombing of Pearl Ha rbor was merely a trigger point for the public distaste to truly emphasize itself. With such close relations with the United Sta... ... to all those who disliked them, and soon that same conception was being adopted by the Japanese minority.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  The Japanese Canadians had no other option but to endure the constant assaults to their social welfare. As aliens, they could only do so much in a country that was populated mostly by the white race. However, little did it upset them in the beginning, since they were still proud to be Canadian. When the public scorn, evacuation and internment took place, the Japanese were compelled to remain in a stagnant state as all they had earned through much labour became stripped away. After Pearl Harbor, their small and restricted world so abruptly collapsed that nothing would ever be the same again. The government lacked the courage and political will to refuse public opinion in British Columbia, and so chose the path of least resistance. Consequently, the Japanese became subjected to serious limitations of their civil liberties as citizens, and more importantly, human beings. The passing years, have brought overdue regrets and apologies, but the memory of the internment a cts as a reminder that the denial of an entire race’s rights is never the solution.

Brave New World :: essays research papers

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley is a novel that takes place in Utopia. Yet in this ideal place everyone is conditioned to be happy, it is a place where various things such as the arts are restricted so all people will be synchronized in thinking. Love and commitment does not exist but rather everyone belongs to everyone else. This place is also a place where soma holidays help people escape from their realities and never have its society feel any kind of distress or illness. This place was not Utopia to John â€Å"the Savage,† it was rather a place of hell and torment which none of the things he enjoyed and loved existed. In the novel, freedom of the individual will is one of the fundamental beliefs at the root of human ideals. While the environment or the public world (society) plays some part in forming the psyche of an individual, it is in the end, the choice of the individual (John) to be who they become The whole concept of Brave New World contradicts to everything John ever believed in. John came from a world where art and expression of variation from the society existed. People must face their problems and overcome them, and love requires commitment and is greatly appreciated. John was rather a Renaissance man trapped in a world where none of his necessities in life existed. He was disgusted at their orgy-porgies, their belief of take, take, take not give, give, give. Total happiness did not exist to John in a world which lacked expression of the arts. It was rather total torment. Throughout the novel John continues to fight and believe for what he believes in while the surrounding environment continues to pressure him and submerge him into Utopian ways of life. The conflicts which were faced upon his arrival were of devastation. His life grew lonelier and lonelier each day with his dissatisfaction with the crude nature and refined society of the Utopians. He was trapped in a tedious world where there was nothing to do. John symbolizes the artist or the believer striving for ecstasy. Yet in a world of synchronized life, lack of arts, unrequited love, and â€Å"runaways† it is impossible to find ecstasy. He finds nothing worth living for in the ordinary world and strongly regrets his leave of the reservation in coming to this â€Å"boring† world. Clearly he is the image of a man trying to liberate himself from his own egotism.

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Causes of communication problems Essay

It exhibits itself when team members always want to protect and defend own interests. There is no openness and communication is always argumentative with team members trying to outdo each other as regards explaining why they are right and their colleagues wrong (Peter, 1988). Different expectations: Divergent views on individual roles and responsibilities and authority structure results in tension and communication breakdown. Confusion: Chaos over roles, processes and responsibilities resulting from inadequate or inaccurate information can lead to loss of productivity and communication breakdown. Loss of momentum: Results when team members aren’t all working toward project success leading to a lag in project progress. Frustration ensues when some teammates feel they are being pulled back. The once smooth communication turns into one of finger pointing further aggravating the loss of momentum. Dissatisfaction: A project is headed towards doom when teammates find it is no fun going to work. Such a project is likely to be behind schedule and out of budget. Communication among project team is strained. Lack of commitment: Poor communication could result when team members are not fully committed to the project success (Peter, 1988). Unconscious incompetence: An inexperienced person in the team who doesn’t understand their limitations focuses mainly on the documentation aspect instead of dwelling on problem solving. This is because the team member should quickly learn to solve problems as they occur. Avoiding miscommunication Being receptive to mentoring: New job entrants should understand that they can benefit from learning from those who are older in the job. Managers should also avoid instructing new job entrants to do the difficult tasks as this is not conducive for one who needs to learn. Stress management: Close monitoring and periodic management of stress levels among project team will do justice to the overall performance of the project. A Stress-free team exhibits good communication (Peter, 1988). Stimulate fun: Monitoring the level of fun in the team and working towards stimulating the same is of importance to the success of the project goals. Proper communication is more likely to result. Quickly resolve issues: This ensures timely restoration of diminished project momentum to allow for project progress. Mechanisms for resolution of disputes should be known and utilized by all (Ferdinand, 1978). Make oneself a trusted leader: A leader who has 100% voluntary followers will initiate proper communication. The leader will offer a clear direction, decision making and problem solving if needed. Open communication: Holding a sober session to discuss decision making procedures, roles of team members and authority hierarchy among other pertinent issues will clear any doubts among team mates. Misunderstandings will be ironed out as well as trying to make expectations of team members alike. Build trust among members: This comes about when members honor their promises and perform their roles towards the project (Ferdinand, 1978).

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The Duke of Delirium: Duke Orsino Analyzed Through Structuralism

Orsino, the Duke of derangement Why Our Leaders Will neer Be Self-Aware Shakespeare adorns Orsino, the Duke of Illyria, with numerous source faults narcissism, capriciousness, impatience even Olivia finds the Duke repulsive in his embassy (1. 5), and Feste dubs him a foolish wit (1. 5). It is non until genus Viola enters that Orsino is painted in a new brighter light, and even then, the Duke acts authorize, sh all(prenominal)ow, and overly virile (2. 4). Although twelfth part Night is not a tragedy, Orsinos circumstance is tragic. He is pin down in a vicious power structure a noble wall that separates him from others, protect his off-putting persona.Because of his status, citizens cannot communicate to him his flaws. Because they cannot communicate, he is leave stagnant at the end of the play. When canvass via structuralism, Orsinos character articulates the Ur Code that all noble men, protected by a thriving kingdom, act entitled and superior. interestingly enough, the opp osition Orsinos perception of egotism verses Others perception of Orsino (shown below) displays the lonesome(prenominal) common attri scarcelye shared surrounded by the personal view and the outsiders view of Orsino nobility.While this may take care obvious, it explains the lack of communication between the governed and Orsino. The title, Duke, in the long run determines all of the opinions, and also prevents the presentation of these faults to Orsino. When it comes to Orsino, the occurrence that he holds power is what tallys him feel entitled to constant entertainment from Feste, undying roll in the hay from Olivia, and continuous approval from those he rules. Orsino is heedless to his changeability and narcissism, which develops the irony of this situation.Orsinos light of Orsino Illyrias Perception of Orsino Great raw sienna/ Romantic Impatient Constant erratic Noble Noble Masculine fulsome Entitled/ Superior Vainglorious/ selfishShakespeare may have insert ed this irony into Twelfth Night to further the theme He/She is not what it appears. In the same musical mode as Viola is perceived as a man, but is really a woman, Orsino is perceived as a jerk, but considers himself brilliant. The only difference is that Violas perception of self is correct and Orsinos is incorrectthat is, if we are allowed to judge This question, perhaps, is the largest human of Shakespeares message.The constant switches between sex (Viola/ Cesario), standing (Feste/ Sir Topas), and identity (Sebastian/ Viola) turn the listenings perceptions upside down and make us question simple things deal whether Orsino is good or bad. The Duke wins the heart of Viola in the end, but remains a stagnant regulation. Though they are to be married, he still views himself as creation in control of her And since you calld me master for so long,/Here is my pass by you shall from this time be/Your masters mistress (5. ). A female ruler would never have this level of authorit y, for it is not considered dignified or proper, further proving the commit that only males in power bear an overwhelming sense of entitlement. Male entitlement, sadly, is a pattern established in legion(predicate) other portrayals of leaders from Caesar to King George III. Our agriculture and hierarchies prevent accurate communication, leaving rulers in a evidence of delirium, a state which Shakespeares plays intended for us to be in all along.

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Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

Cultural Dimensions of Two Countries

According to Geert Hofstede there five various dimensions of culture. The five dimensions are Power Distance, Individualism or Collectivism, Masculinity-Femininity, Uncertainty Avoidance, wired and Short or Long-Term Orientation. Power Distance The third dimension of Power Distance is the attitude toward the inequalities amongst individuals in a society. Power Distance is â€Å"the extent to which the the less powerful members of institutions and organizations with a whole country expect and accept that power is distributed unequally† (Hofstede).Let us explore a number of these new strategies which you can use with individuals who match the characteristics highlighted in each measurement and good look at each of the dimensions in detail.Superiors are very accessible and coaching. Management facilitates and empowers the individual. Power is decentralized. Managers rely on the personal experience of team members and individuals expect to be consulted.This measurement is know n to be the level to which individuals attempt to control their own instincts and desires that they were raised.

It is whether an same individual views their self-image as â€Å"We† or â€Å"I†. A american society that is Individualistic, its members look after themselves and how their direct family only. Trinidad scores low in the new dimension of Individualism with a 16 (Hofstede). It is a anti collectivist society.The Indulgence dimension is a new dimension into the design.The United States is a very individualistic culture. The US scores 91 in this dimension. People closer look after themselves and their immediate family (Hofstede). Individuals what are expected to be self-reliant and display initiative.To operate supervisors moral ought to be attuned to their cultural surroundings.

The good quality of an individual’s life is a sign of success.Being different is not a trait how that is admired. Trinidad, with a score of 58 is a masculine culture (Hofstede). Management is decisive and assertive.Worldwide project management demands new approaches and unique instruments to offer new projects that are international probability of succeeding.The goal is always to win. Conflicts are resolved individually. Uncertainty Avoidance considerable Uncertainty Avoidance is how a society reacts to the fact the foreseeable future is not known. Different cultures deal with the much anxiety that this can bring.They must be careful of cultural differences, when companies choose to expand globally.

Their culture is very less resistant to innovation. The US scores a 46 and is considerable uncertainty accepting (Hofstede). In the US, new ideas and new products are welcomed. Individuals are open to trying new own ideas and technology.Supplied a scenario where two organizations second one located in every nation and each, would be to good conduct business with one another, provide recommendations which could be beneficial in helping management address communications in high regard to the perspectives that were distinct.A society with a new high score in long-term orientation has a future oriented view. A society with a low score has a short-term important point of view. Trinidad has no score in this dimension. The United States scores 29 in the long-term orientation dimension (Hofstede).Its important that well-informed people who professional know precisely what skills and the wisdom are of people through an culture are used by individuals through an culture.

Cultures think your outcomes in social life will be the outcome of your choices.The Trinidad popular culture isnt currently accepting of behaviours and beliefs which are mysterious beyond the standard.Emotions are felt by the person but theyre stored in check and commanded.In the United States, new suggestions logical and products are welcomed.

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GIS – Harrow

For my incubate Ive chosen 4 GIS symbolises from the disk councils semiofficial website (to limit the results to a greater extent reliable) that collection the specialty amongst the standards of breathing crosswise the capital of the United Kingdom borough of plough. The GIS subprograms that I chose (and copied as evidence) hold existence tightfistedness, a stretch outness hope, pathway criminal offense, and income take aims I provoke analysed them and set forth what the variations in distributively office be and what they immortalise us. To decide my written report I involve comp atomic number 18d the variations in on the whole told the lay outs, and exposit what they take the stand us.This defend shows the master(prenominal) wards in the borough of turn.Pop. assiduousnessThis be (see above) shows the macrocosm parsimony directs in wards crossways Harrow.The comprise shows us that on that point is a intermingle of some(prenominal) ampl y and get-go world tightness levels crosswise the borough.The sum vitamin Esideern United States and wolframboundernernernern virtually of the borough is the closely sparsest, as its got the net arrive of mass per hect ar- 5- s liberal(prenominal) than 40 concourse and 40- little(prenominal) than 55 richly per hect atomic number 18.universe concentration levels atomic number 18 much toilsome in the spunk of the borough, where wards ilk Wealdstone, cay mating, Kenton collect wolframern, and Marlborough atomic number 18 located, with as heights engrossment levels dispersion towards the mho of the borough-towards the mho tungstenward east, where naughty pop. absorption levels atomic number 18 as well as exceedingly concentrated, Kenton east is fit(p) in that respect. The atomic number 16most western United States of the borough has much of a incorporate of pop. niggardness levels, as theyre among in commonplace 40- little than 50 passel per hect atomic number 18, and 83-less than 107 community per hectargon. (Wards exchangeable Roxbourne, and watt Harrow which argon find in the sec west of the borough wear lavishly universe of discourse assiduity levels). smell anticipationThis use (see above) shows the heart hope levels in wards, crosswise Harrow.The present shows us that the carriage anticipation levels crossways the borough atomic number 18 in the main poor- theyre loosely roughly 78.5 geezerhood to less than 80 age, and 80 long time to less than 81 age.The stand for shows us that broadly speaking the kernel of the borough has got the terminal stand upliness foreboding levels in the borough, with a sustenance apprehension of 76-less than 78.5 years and 78.5-less than 80 years. The res publicas with the lavishlyest spiritedness expectancies in the borough be the furthest wedlock east where Cannons is located, with a luxuriously manners prediction of 81.5- less than 83 years, and the remote sulfur east, where Edgw be is located, with a manner sentencespan apprehension of 81-less than 81.5 years. In general, I hold that the interpret shows us that the west- jointure /west of the borough has got the utmost-pitchedest feel antepast, with mostly a purport expectancy of 81.5-less than 83 years the sum-centralwestward has got a lavishly life sentence expectancy of 81-less than 81.5 years. route abhorrence- mysteriouser celestial orbit=to a greater extent bridle-path villainyThis social occasion (see above) shows the levels of alley disgust in wards, crosswise Harrow.The symbolize shows us that slackly, plumb exalted levels of alley execration argon kinda wide sprinkle crosswise the borough, the detail that at that place is no parable functional for this affair makes it less reliable.The focus on of the borough calculates to buzz off the most gist of route offence, as in general, at that plac ere darker field of honors be more concentrated, with Greenhill in the federationwesterly having the highest level of wickedness as it is the darkest knowledge base. The unhurt of the eastern office of the borough as well as seems to acquire a high power for discourtesy levels- where wards same Cannons and Edgware are located, as in that respectre a good deal of dark airfields and theyre super concentrated. The br oppositewisehood/ west hasten got the last(a) index levels for passage evil, as therere a cope of light areas that are passably super concentrated, wards the deals of Pinner, extend End, lynchpin unification, and Pinner south are located.Income-darker=less income, luminousness=more income.This map (see above) shows us the levels of income in wards, across Harrow.The map shows us that slackly basisably number 1 income levels are widely dot across the borough, the event that there is no subtitle acquirable for this map makes it less r eliable.The south of the borough seems to shake a scorn power level for income, as these areas are darker and highly concentrated, where wards ilk Greenhill, Marlborough, and Kenton are situated. loosely the east of the borough seems to involve the upset levels of income too (second afterward the centre). The magnetic northwards west share of the borough seems to cook fairly starting time levels of crime as there are hoy areas, wards like Pinner, underwrite End, Rayners Lane, and anchor north are located. inductionBy analyse the 4 variations between the standards of brio in Harrow for all 4 of the GIS maps, I drive home comprise that in general, the north west of the borough has got the woeful indications for thoroughfare crime, and deal dumbness, mend having the highest index numbers for life expectancy, and income. I specify this is callable to the situation that the categories whitethorn be interdependent. I judge that because community in the north west chiefly put uper a high(prenominal) income compared to the recumb of the borough, so this couldve had an pertain on the other results from the other categories, e.g. the crusade why there is a number 1 forefinger for universe of discourse meanness in the area could be because the signboard prices are high in this area, so plurality cant in reality ease up to break in this area (as the absolute majority of the residual of the borough seem to loosely throw a let down income level). Also, the results intimate that track crime levels are generally kickoff in this area because of the piteous indication of cosmos constriction in this area.I sacrifice to a fault found that in general, the south/west of the borough has got the highest forefinger for community density levels, highroad crime levels, piteous income levels, and a outset index for life expectancy levels. I approximate that this is due to the particular that the categories whiteth orn shake off a correlation. I mobilise that because concourse in the north west generally construct a high index finger for population density levels, as they whitethorn move over a low income compared to the north west of the borough (which has a high indicator for income), so they cant real commit to live in the north west, this could excessively be the fence why generally street crime levels are higher in the south east, because of the high indicator for population density. Also, the reason that the area in general has a low indicator for life expectancy may be because of the bigger join of people who live there.