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Dianna Abdala

Group Name The McLovetts Group Members Casie Mahalitc, Candice Lovett, Matt Cliborn, Louis Fratesi Project ii Chapter 11 Incident 1, Dianna AbdalaQuestions1. With whom do you side here-Abdala or Korman? Neither because two made mistakes that created the situation.2. What mistakes do you think each party made? ane mistake made by both(prenominal) people was the fact that both parties could non refrain from insulting one anformer(a). If one or the other would name simply been the bigger person and stopped responding, the situation whitethorn agree non gotten out of hand.Abdalas Mistakes She should have used a richer channel of communication for delivering her decision to not accept the job run. For instance, she could have scheduled a day to go by and tell Korman in person.-Challenging his credibility as a lawyer -Accepting the job offer, if what Korman said is true, forwards putting careful thought into making a decisionKormans Mistakes -He could have acknowledged her offer r ejection respectfully instead of going as furthest insulting her and her method of delivery. By keeping calm and universe respectful, a possible olive branch could have been extended for the companys future needs in staffing. Although it is his company, it was very spiteful of him to forward the veer to his colleagues. What happened between he and Abdala should have stayed between them.Not having a job offer contract in writing for future credibilityUsing profanity3. Do think this commute will damage Abdalas career? Yes, because it is never a goodness idea to burn bridges with people. Being that Korman has his own firm and give birth in prosecutions, Abdala may have ruined her chances at even having him being her counselor. Kormans firm? His unprofessionalism may gain him a reputation, but not as much damage will be done to his firm. If he is responding to offer rejections the fashion he did with Abdala, he could miss out on an opportunity to later hire quality candidates for other positions in his firm.4. What does this transposition tell you about the limitations of email? It shows that email is not the best way to deliver bad news or negative messages. As discussed in the chapter, during an email inhibitions go out the window and people do not take the time to think about what they are going to severalize and what consequences may follow.

Marketing Strategy of Tung Lok Essay

mode of entryIn international grocery storeing, modes of entry indicate the risk of unusual grocery store represents, the amount of resources required and how the company can enter the securities industry. semi governmental risk and financial risk be the two major grammatical constituent that tung tree Lok forget assess to understand deeper the United Kingdom markets sooner investing in. The purpose of the political risk assessment is to evaluate the political stability of UK. The changes in a countrys political twist and policies can cause the loss of the investment or business.There argon 3 conditional relationant types of political risks here Ownership risk procedure riskTransfer riskNaturally, UK government allow favor the local companies than the foreign companies in order to encourage the domestic economic development. So the foreign companies will counter many policies which can lead to the barricade of their business such as Expropriation and Confiscation. The companys assets will be seized and an amount of compensation will be paid to the owners, which is a manakin of expropriation. Confiscation is a transfer of the ownership from the foreign company to a host company without any compensation. The foreign company cannot be operated by immaculately foreigners as the foreign worker quota is limited. The government will direct a partial transfer of ownership and management to the local and set regulations so that a large share of the product is locally produced and the main profit remains in the country.This process is domestication. While shifting bills between countries, many companies running overseas are facing unwashed problems, for example, shortage of foreign currency in the local bank. Government officials sop up on the negotiation as foreign company requires more applause letters and documents. High tax and government price control of the import affect the competitiveness of the company as the input price increases. To ca rry on with these problems, long term contracts should be formed with the potential and essential checkmate companies to en sure enough sustainable resources.In order to penetrate the UKs market, tung Lok can approach in an direct way homogeneous franchising. A local eating place or company will cooperatewith tung-oil tree Lok and the name of the restaurant will be tung-oil tree Lok too. Facilities, decoration and military operation will be in Tung Loks control and adjustment, however, the staffs, clump members or the food supply will be recruited locally. This method makes sure that Tung Lok holds a stable business ground even though 30% of the profit stays back in UK.Target marketTung Lok restaurants are famous about their Cantonesecooking style which offers liquid ecstasy collections of refined dinners and continually attract the loyal followings. Each of the restaurants offers various courses of dine concept targeted at different market segments, from budget individuals to high-income customers. The primary market is the British who earn a middle or upper income. Chinese food can be popular and the intensity is raising except Britain is the largest market in the world and the grime of opportunity. The main notice consists of many traditional Chinese dishes at an average or slightly supra average price. The restaurant will be located further to the common snapping turtle of capital of the United Kingdom to cut cost of the rental, however, near to some business and division district wish well Canary Wharf in Tower Hamlets, London with high concentration of shops and businesses.Officers can prefer a quick con game at the Asian restaurant with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The inessential target market is the British Asian in UK, which consists of 8% of the summarize UK population, 63 million people in 2013. The British Asian is super brand loyalty and favorite the Chinese cuisine. Tung Lok restaurants commit to subscribe the finest and f reshest of the food to the customers with the upmost care in the most authentic Cantonese style. The theme not only brings a Asian kitchen to UK only if also the entire culture and tradition to experience here in Tung Lok. marketing positioningAs a newly launched restaurant in the region, Tung Lok aims to establish and stabilize the business in the beginning(a) 4 months kind of of maximize the profit generator. This period of time is crucial to Tung Lok as the initial image and constitution will position in the customers minds and easy but steady build up the brand loyalty. Certainly, the prices in the menu are final and, best, kept constant throughout the business. Since the priority is whole step over price for the starting period, promotion and advertisement can bepublished in the newspaper and around the area. The restaurant is not footsure that the first month will have any profit repayable to the intensive investment and slow business, however, a possible object to tense up for. Deals and happy hours are common to attract new customers attention with family muddle combo and crowded group of officers.Saving cost does not retrieve treating the staffs poorly as outstanding food must come with intelligent services. Staffs must be provided uniforms and chef must be equipped with sufficient kitchen tools and bare materials. Trainings are provided to all the crew and facilities must be maintained to the upmost level of cleanness and tidiness. Safety and standardization must be set as the foundation despite the costly price. Fierce competition from local shops will snatch the customers away and customers can unconsciously deny Chinese food. So the taste of the food will be edited slightly to compositors case the locals appetite closer but not removing the genuineness of the dish. Marketing objectiveA detailed schedule shall be alert and filed in Singapore to propose to UK authority for approval to launch our restaurant at the end of 2013. Fro m January 2014 to June 2014, 1 team needs to research and prove the local trends of food favor and appetite to create most capable dishes in Cantonese style but suitable for the British. Another team will investigate and liaise with a Britain company to find a placement for the restaurant. The restaurant will be in operation in latest October 2014 and till the end of 2014, the restaurant will set a goal to create 10% of customers awareness through any means like advertising and promotions.Executive SummaryTung Lok base is a mountain chain of Chinese restaurants paved the modern Chinese cuisine in Singapore. The first restaurant was opened in October 1980 at Corthorne Orchid Singapore. The dishes here are rund in Cantonese-cooking style and attract a lot of diners attention. Currently, Tung Lok Group consists of 40 restaurants in Singapore, Indonesia, and China bearing the famous hallmark reputation of high-quality food, exceptional service and outstanding design. Andrew Tjoe is the executive chairman and the very begetter of Tung Lok. In 2012, due to many external factors such as economic crisis, raising completion and internal factors like closure of 6 Tung Lokrestaurants, the revenue decline to S$86.6 million from 94.3 million from past years.However, Tung Lok still has a higher gross margin of 71.6% from 69.9%, mean Tung Loks business is operating profitably. The Asia market has become alter of Chinese cuisine. A raising need for a new market to invest in is very necessary. So a faraway land decided to place the Groups future in is London, England. topically the Chinese cuisine restaurants have appeared for a long time but the intensiveness is low, moreover, their category and nature are totally different from Tung Lok. Cantonese-cooking style is not properly introduced in London and most of the restaurants serve non-authentic or similar recipe. A fresh and enormous market like United Kingdom is very potential and promising for Tung Lok to bloom.

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Chinese Culture Essay

The climate and temperature of china varies passim the area of the country. Most of the country lies in the temperate belt, only the southern most part lies in the subtropical belt while the northern part is in the sub arctic belt. There is ordinarily a lot of rain in the summer, and very little in the winter. china has the largest agricultural output in the world, while only cultivating 15% of its total area. Rice is Chinas most harvested crop, while wheat is second. China also produces potatoes, other vegetables, and some fruits.By the end of 2000, China had 633 different cities, while 13 of them had a population of two million or to a greater extent(prenominal). The three biggest Chinese cities are Shanghai, Beijing, and Chongqing, in that ordinance. Hong Kong is inside China, except isnt considered part of the country. Confucianism employ to be the main religion in China and help shape its history. However, Buddhism has the most followers and biggest influence in Chi na than any other religion, now. Some other major religions throughout China are Taoism, Islam, and Christianity. Most people in China, now, play sports exactly like us such as ping pong, soccer, and badminton.These types of sports are slightly new to China, while different types of martial arts have been somewhat much long-term than team sports. China is a communist state. This meaning that everything is ruled and owned by the government. There is no private ownership, and tout ensemble goods are shared by the people, who are every(prenominal) equal. Chinese tuition is required and free for ages 6 15, and can be continued longer if the person wants to and can afford it. Most of the jobs throughout China are related to agricultural businesses, or they do cheap labor for com pan offies all around the world.The employment rules in China are much more relaxed than the U. S. so big corporation unremarkably have Chinese factories overhear their goods for much cheaper. Stir fry is the most common cooking technique throughout China. It requires a small amount of oil in a heated pan, and the ingredients of the mea, usually vegetables and meat, are put into the pan and cooked until ready. The most apply cooking tool is the wok. It is pretty much like a pan with rounded edges for stir frying. Chopsticks are by far the most used eating tools of the Chinese people, just like our forks and spoons.Chinese meals almost of all time have rice or noodles. The is usually vegetables in the meals, which could be legion(predicate) different types, such as broccoli, bamboo shoots, mushrooms, cabbage or musket ballplants. The meat is usually chicken, pork, or fish. Chinese meals are eaten pretty much at the same time as out meals. Breakfast is in the morning, lunch in the afternoon, and dinner is at night. There are much unusual eating etiquettes that essential be followed in China. One is that your tea can never be empty. The host will always be refilling their gue sts loving cups, and the guests must tap their cup on the table as a demonstrate of thankfulness.Another eating etiquette is that, when out with a group of people, you must order an even build or plates, even if there is an odd number of people, because odd numbers symbolize death. Bibliography Climate http//www. chinatraveldepot. com/C149-China-Climate Major Cities http//www. china. org. cn/english/ suffer/38093. htm Recreation http//www. ajpanda. com/Articles. asp? ID=227 Types of Jobs http//factsanddetails. com/china. php? itemid=366&catid Ingredients and equipment http//www. china-family-adventure. com/chinese-food-ingredients.html Bourbon Chicken recipe http//www. do? unloose=45809 Chinese fried rice http//www. grouprecipes. com/25313/chinese-fried-rice. html/print Chinese sweet almond Cookies http//chinesefood. about. com/od/dessertcookies/r/almondcookies. htm Chinese Almond Cookies Prep judgment of conviction 15 minutes Cook Time 25 minutes Total Time 40 minutes Ingredients 2 cups flour 1/2 teaspoonful baking powder 1/2 teaspoon baking pop 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/2 cup preciselyter 1/2 cup shortening 3/4 cup white sugar (can add up to 2 more tablespoons, if desired) 1 egg 2 1/2 teaspoons almond provoke 30 whole, blanched almonds (one for each cookie). 1 egg, lightly beaten formulation 1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit (162. 5 degrees Celsius). 2. In a large bowl, filtrate the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt. In a medium bowl, use an voltaic pranceer to beat the butter or margarine, shortening, and sugar. Add the egg and almond extract and beat until well blended. Add to the flour mixture and mix well. Note The dough will be crumbly at this point, but dont worry that is what its supposed to be like. 3. do your fingers to form the mixture into a dough, and then form the dough into 2 rolls or records that are 10 to 12 move ones long.Wrap and refrigerate for 2 hours (this will make it easier to shape the dough into circles). 4. Take a log and lightly score the dough at 3/4 inch intervals so that you have 15 voices and cut the dough. Roll each piece into a ball and place on a lightly greased cookie tray, approximately 1 1/2 inches apart. Place an almond in the center of each cookie and press down lightly. absorb with the remaining dough. 5. Brush each cookie lightly with beaten egg before baking. Bake for 15 minutes to 18 minutes, until golden brown. alter and store in a sealed container.

Affordable Care Act and Its Controversies

On March 23, 2010 President Obama signed the Affordable mission turning (ACA) this date is when the growing debate began. The Affordable Cargon Act is in like manner commonly bashn as Obama shell out. A large hump between the opposing sides is the future of small business under this rouse. umteen small businesses atomic number 18 deviation to be absolutely crushed by the provisions in Obamacare that require them to provide expensive health indemnification policy coverage for their employees. (Snyder, Michael) 3.2 million small businesses employing 19.3 million workers nationwide were eligible finish grade for tax credits worth $15.4 billion or $800 per employee. (LOLGOP)These go bad binds counteract each other, superstar claiming that small business is doomed age the other promises a happy future for small business. Another materialisation between the sides is the fact that neither has a full grasp of the bill and therefore only builds their opinions upon what the y like versus dislike of the provisions. This debate seems to be found between Republi give notices, who are stereotypically anti-Obamacare and Democrats, who are stereotypically pro-Obamacare. This essay result use diametrical sources to describe the largest provisions and the varying stances on these provisions between the cardinal sides.In Snyders clause he destroys the ACA and shouts the predetermined catastrophic problems America faces with the ACA. His term is entitled 15 Reasons Why The Obamacare Decision Is A Mind Blowing fortuity For America. Through this article, Snyder lists reasons as to why the ACA is a poor decision. Quotes from this article imply the likes of, It is hard to have any faith in the U.S. imperious Court, and Supreme Court that is dominated by judges that have very footling respect for the U.S. Constitution.Snyders article lists reasons ranging from organizational power, new taxes, and possibly close extreme decrease in life expectancy in the c oupled States. Finally, this article ends on the note that Obamacare lead add more than a trillion dollars to government spending over the next decade. Considering the fact that the U.S. government is already drowning in debt, how in the world can we afford this? The largest make do that tidy sum have with the bill is the mandate, which was described by Reddit poster CaspianX2 in a comment thread.The rough description of the mandate is thatit requires a individual to have healthcare, and if any person who can afford healthcare spots not to have it, they can be fined. The Supreme Court tested the constitutionality and through changing the words around a bit, the Court declared it constitutional. (CaspianX2) The biggest anti-Obamacare points intromit the increase in governmental strength, the new taxes upon the American people it forget impose, the mandate, and governmental spending.A Harvard study found that 45,000 Americans die every year for lack of insurance. (LOLGOP) Thi s shows that though the individual mandate is debated, it shows the pro-ACA viewpoint saves American lives. This article on gave 18 reasons as to why the ACA is an achievement for the middle class. The healthcare disentangle puts a vast construct on the changes of insurance companies themselves. restitution companies can no longer cap the dollar marrow of care you can receive in a lifetime, and, Health care insurers allow no longer be allowed to charge women more than men for their coverage, are two examples of the changes insurance companies will be facing with this bill.This bill makes insurance more accessible for more people, as the same article states, Up to 30 million Americans who are currently not insured will be covered, saving thousands of American lives. (LOLGOP) A different article by Joshua Holland, titled Up to 30 million Americans who are currently not insured will be covered, saving thousands of American lives, highlights the conce pt that people can build different opinions of the bill, depending on how much they know almost it. This article offers 10 things the common person may not know about the Affordable Care Act ranging from, the richest Americans will be paying(a) more taxes, to how this bill benefits women, to people getting checks to serve well pay for their insurance. This article offers these points in a positive-bias perspective.Holland discusses how people with an income over a real amount will be having a higher tax direct, rather than the lower-than-average rate they have now. This bill, similarly to the article by LOLGOP on speaks to the idea that insurers can no longer charge women higher than men. Those with an income lower than a certain mark will be getting tax credits and subsidies to help pay for their insurance, is another point of Hollands in this article. The largest pro-Obamacare points include the new regulated equality between insurers charging men andwomen the same price, the raising or lowering of taxes depending on income, and how much more accessible healthcare is going to be with this bill.Many of the controversies between the sides seem to cancel each other out, where one side says something, and the other says something that directly refutes it. An example of this is with the effect the bill will have on young people. In an article by Brian Klonoski entitled, 13 Reasons Why Obamacare Sucks So Far, he states, Obamacare is more formally known as The Affordable Care Act, so it should make healthcare more affordable, good? Well, sorta. It definitely makes healthcare more affordable for some people, but it also raises premiums for others most notably, young, healthy Americans.In a different article, by Todd Essig, he discusses why Obamacare is good for the young and healthy. The three reasons he lists are as follows they will have health insurance should catastrophe strike, theyll get prescriptions for modus operandi care, and theyll have more skin in the game of self-care. (Essig)Both sides of healthcare reform has extremist opinions, one being that of the tea-party conservatives and the other that of the radical liberals. However, not republicans are anti-ACA and not all democrats are pro-ACA though, most do fit the stereotype. Whether a person is anti-ACA or pro-ACA, they should learn the in-and-out of the bill, and not just pick and choose which issues to argue and make decisions about. Doing that will lead to well-rounded opinions and eventually, decisions made on this largely debated healthcare reform.

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Middle Ages educations

Education is acquiring or imparting wise knowledge and as well as an art of teaching. shopping centre Ages educations have different companionship from Greek education. Education in the Middle Ages most of the great deal were ineffectual to establish and write and showing lack of culture but several(prenominal) of the children who belongs to the upper class were educated. The Monks taught the poor children on how to read and write a little. Grammar take aims where built for the nerve class boys, and they worked long hours in the grammar school and the boys were defeat with rods or twigs as their form of discipline.Middle while education is pathetic for the reason that popular educational history books continue to repeat errors and misstatements. During the middle age period monks were the teacher for assumeing to read and write Latin at the school for boys. Latin is the major language used by the perform and bible. Literacy and ripening were increasing and by 15th cen tury students began to learn grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy, and music.At that time wholeness-third of the population started to learn on how to read and write. During the Middle Ages, which were on the 5th to the 15th century, Christianity particularly Roman Catholic Church operated the parishes, monastery and chapels at the elementary level. Schools in monasteries and cathedrals offered secondary education plot of ground a good deal of the teaching in these schools was directed at learning Latin, the sexagenarian Roman language used by the church in its ceremonies and teachings. The church provided some limited opportunities for the education of women in religious communities of convents ( explanation 2).The Greek Gods were much more down-to-earth and much less awesome than the remote gods of the East. Because they were interpret with human qualities and represented aspects of the physical world, such as the sun, the moon, and the sea (Greek ). In Greek education ancient Greece girls learned skills from their mothers like weaving and further boys went to school at the age of seven. Girls learned athletics and dancing for them to choke fit and healthy mothers of more soldiers. And those who belong to a rich family were go with by a slave and most of the time if they commit mistakes they were beaten. find out was very severeIn Sparta children were treated very harshly. At the age of 7 boys were removed from their families and sent to live in barracks. They were treated staidly to turn them into brave soldiers. They were deliberately kept short of food so they would have to steal-teaching them to stealth and cunning. They were whipped for many offenses. ( Lambert).The boys from Sparta became military cadets and learned the arts of state of war and joined the state militia which is a standing reserve personnel department avail fitting for duty in time of emergency in which also they served until they reached the age of six ty. Sparta also provided training for girls who went beyond the domestic arts, they are not forced to leave home like the boys but they have similar training that of the boys.During the middle age education they used the classical learning for Christian used. in that respect were two traditions of classical literature and philosophy which disjunct the classical world and were brought together in union by the church rearranged into another educational method that would be the standard of learning. The union of the literary and scientific world views in Christ was the contribution of Medieval Christianity. Their placement which is called as the Trivium, make the foundation of the seven liberal arts political platform which became universal throughout the Middle Ages.In this period the Hebrew people continued to teach their children the ways of God and rejecting pagan culture. At the revoke of Middle Ages, natural knowledge became powerful and philosophy being discredited, where the familiarity between the theology and the sciences were separated. And man started to work out and draw nestled to life that is religion independent.At the early 18th century beneficence schools were built in many towns and called as Blue Coat Schools found on the color of childrens uniforms. Boys from rich families were sent to grammar schools and the girls still went to school but learning embroidery and music were more important for them. Until to the nineteenth century girls from upper class were taught by a governess. But the penalisation in this period were still brutal, they included beatings and only less able pupils were humiliated by being forced to wear a loggerheads cap.In the early period, like those in Europe, consisted of one room where one teacher taught pupils from ages six to thirteen and sometimes older. The step down education for all children were successfully implemented, educators focus their attention on how to accomplish quality education. In parti cular, significant in shaping new directions has been introduced which involves development of intellectual skills, engaging in new diversity of human communities and globose culture. The teacher-centered to learner-centered education instruction is passing emphasized and its new approaches to teaching and learning. There is a shift of teaching to a learning theoretical modelling of instruction which is one process of transformation which is indeed the central assign of great change during the contemporary times.The quality of education has been changing and improved. Although applications of techniques and theories where highly been undecomposed and exposure of students in facing the reality and its capacity to descend and exercise leadership and responsibility. Organized teaching techniques and theory applications were being practiced and realized. Teaching skills were improved as well as the students performance in each field. In contemporary education, learning strategies were assumption stress and reducing the into which degree of the others.Works CitedTim Lambert. A Brief History of Education. 1 April 2008http// Ancient Greek Education.1 April 2008 http// Graham Ph.D. June 1993.Popular Education During the Middle Ages. 1 April 2008http//

No Texting While Driving

Do you own a cellophane that you workout on a dally basis? If yes, then think about where and when you shape use of it. At work? At home? succession cooking? Any free time that you can get your workforce on your phone? What about when youre DRIVING? Because cell phones work create such a necessity in the world that we live in, mountain cannot go for long periods of time without turning to them to schoolbook, check Faceable or make a call. This impairs our Judgment and we dont everlastingly pay attention to the danger we deposit ourselves In when using cell phones.When the driver takes his/her eyes off the pass to complete another task, almost all of the focus needed for precaution is compromised. This is tear down more evident when he/she determines to read a school text message and respond to it. This leads to a lack of visual focus on the road, one or both hands off the wheel and the head teacher thinking about the conversation on the phone instead of the environs of the vehicle For example, studies using a naturalistic methodology suggested that relative to interacted drivers, those drivers who text ar 23 times as likely to crash, (Wilson, Stepson).All of these factors add up to the formula of danger and disaster, which can lead to extremely brutal and even fatal accidents. Different multitude and organizations let taken it upon themselves to raise cognizance about the dangers of testing and crusade. A great example of this is the At&t 90 second documentary. It tells three antithetical stories in which three different people were killed because of testing and driving. The stories were told by the family members of those who were killed. Two of the tragedies included the drivers who were testing and driving to be killed.A third included a car hitting a man on a bicycle because the driver was testing spot driving (Testing While campaign 90 Sec docudrama Preview). These are personal stories being told by real people who micturate bee n affected by the negligent acts of the drivers behind the wheel. They hold a toilet of power In them because It makes the audience think about their own lives and how they would tonus If they were put in the same situation. The No Testing opus Driving campaign Is necessary because there are constantly headlines in the news show about the fatalities due to testing while driving.The communicators are the families of those who have suffered and go through the pain caused by the minor act. Their loved ones faced untimely deaths, which could have been avoided. They are distorting to tell the rest of the world that no text message is worth dying over. They have been through the worst openhearted of pain and there Is no coming back from It. They will always feel that emptiness Inside of them. The audience is anyone and everyone that owns a cellophane and drives a vehicle. Everyone at one point has sent a text message while driving.People think that Just cause they were successful o nce, that they can do it once more and not worry about losing focus while driving. This is not the case. It is in any case why we need to continue sending these messages to everyone to avoid such accidents. Cellophane companies have made a point to make commercials for the television to audience think their life and what is really important. We feel sympathy for those who have suffered and perhaps try to c sticke our habits to avoid a similar fate. The cellophane companies also appeal to ethos. This is because they are credible sources.They are selling products that are being used by millions of people around the world. Carriers such as At, Verizon, and Sprint are comfortably known, well established and trusted throughout the world. People rely on them and therefore those companies can have a major(ip) impact on changing the way people behave behind the wheel. Furthermore, on a smaller scale, schools and colleges have started to extend the campaign towards their students. Student leaders hang posters throughout the campuses and keep coming up with new ideas to promote rock-steady driving. One of the ideas is the thumb bands that say TAXING KILLS.This is extremely clever because people buy the bands and wear them on their thumbs so when they are driving and decide to pick up their phone to text, they will see the message on the band and decide against it. All these strategies are bringing all of us one step closer to making the world a safer shopping mall for all of us. Individual people, families, students and major companies can all make a difference. Whether it is on a minor scale or a major scale, every little bit helps. Every life saved is a reason to celebrate. Dont text and drive. Stay alive.

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Cycling Is an Ideal Mode of Transport Essay

With the improvement of living standard, the ownership of cars is increasing because of their convenience and rapid speed. However, some social experts consider that as a form of outrage in urban areas, make pass is better than cars, which could combine the means of shift with public health. This essay will argue that make pass is an nonpareil agency of transport in crowed cities by focusing on the expenditure and milieu effects.Firstly, cycling is a convenient and affordable mean of transport. Cyclists do not need to worry about traffic congestion which often appears during expedite hour in busy cites. Normally it is believed that commuting by take vehicles is quicker than by bikes, however, in short distance, cycling may cash in ones chips a short time which does not include traffic welter and parking. Furthermore, cycling could reduce the cost of living dramatically. With the price of petrol, parking and nutriment increasing, traveling by cars costs more money than by bicycle. patronage the fact that cycling is not available for bad weather, most experimental condition is suitable to ride a bike. Therefore, overall cycling is beneficial to the users.In addition to this, another reason to choose cycling is that it is environmental friendly. Compared with cars, cycling does not emit any carbon dioxide to the environment. Motor vehicles have already become the main polluter. If cycling is encouraged, air pollution would be decrease considerably and climate change could be alleviated in the future. Moreover, cycling is an efficient way to escape from noise, because noisy pollution in urban centres is caused mainly by cars, which has negative impacts on living quality. As a result, cycling has minimal effects on the environment.In conclusion, cycling is an ideal mean of transport in modern cities as it is cost effective and environmental friendly. Therefore, government should build more implement for cycling such(prenominal) as bike paths and lines to ensure the safety of cyclists, which could encourage more citizens to savour cycling.

Indigenous Tradition Essay

In the past pile have mistaken about their tradition endemic originality or occurring course (country, region etc) To be autochthonous kinship (relation to one a nonher) and location( touchion of cut officular maneuver) native religion beliefs, experience and practices concerning non-falsifiable realities of lot who have kinship and location Syncretism Syncretism get together of elements from assorted religions. Eg north American tradition have been influenced by Christianity, just about African religious rites atomic number 18 influences by Islam. * Change occurs e rattlingwhere.* Traditions be less true(p) (accurate) than thousands year ago Indigenous can be found anywhere * Anishinaubae drumming ceremony in Toronto * Yoruba Funeral rites in London * Maori Purification rite in opera house Sydney Australia Misconceptions * Common to Indigenous traditions is colonialism * Oglala (Indigenous community) a theoriser explained them as warriors without weapons basically they were incapable to adapting a new economy modus vivendi they focused on how to make them modern Indians * Out gradientr lack insider knowledge.* Scholars frequently used terms such(prenominal) as fetish, myth, humannessa, taboo to explain Indigenous traditions. * Eg Indigenous stories atomic number 18 called myth where the bible is considered to be true. Primitive Cultures that be unchanged from the beginning primitive Christians, who believed in god and their tradition, had superiority and began to transmit their religion to who didnt know about gospel Indigenous traditions argon tend to regain more primitive Due to non-literate * But piece of music to not better than oral speaking * Mayan did use writing * approximately Indigenous people be in truth literate.Indigenous tradition be tend to think more primitive consider everything to be hallowed (untrue) * Eg Navajo ceremony that trans arrive ats normal house into a sc ard place. So everything such as eating, sleeping is considered to be sacred. * Australian aborigine knows where to pray(know the difference amidst sacred and non sacred mountains) Primitive term is now disagreeing by galore(postnominal) scoloars Mohawk and Cree (Dr Clare Brant) Mohawk Indigenous traditions who give more food to their client to demonstrate their wealth. Cree Indigenous tradition who eat all the food offered to presentation scarcity.These two traditions did not go well together and this shows that Indigenous traditions are contrary from each other. Another point is that we turn over other cultures harmonize to our profess cultures. Gender roles * Male hunting and warfare * Female heal and food preparation * Maori carvers were men and weavers were women. Bunu men frow cotton and women turn it into vestments. * roundtimes the roles switch just like other traditions * normally religions practices are different for men and womanhood too. agent of speech Oral speaking is very imp for Indigenous tra ditions things are passed down oraly. umteen people think oral primitive (untrue).Both Quran and Bible was passed down viva voce before written into text Stories After life * Kewa a man finds a tunnel where his dead people wre living together and they gave them some(prenominal) things and asks him not to speak of it. When he goes and signalize everyone about the tunnel, he breaks the anticipate and when he returns the tunnel is gone. * Anishinaubae young man fiance died, and he go on a journey to find her and when he found her , he returns plaza heartbroken, keeping his promise. * These stories itemize us about importance of relationships tell us about how we should live than about dying Writing stores a lot fixed in time.Trickster * Considered as culture heroes because they are the central figures in galore(postnominal) stores * Usually shape shift comm all into animals * Can change genders sometime biological and sometime just vestments changing * Outer form is refle cted into infidelity * They can appear as fools, selfish, winning, scandalous etc. * Usually driven by self by-line alone * Trickster stores show us how we should behave and how we should not * The stories much explain the origins of human race and connect to a community more deeply. * Embodies the extremes of earthly concern human weakness and strength Practice (rituals).Indigenous tradition rituals are very similar to our traditions * Rituals remind us on what is imp in our life. * In religious terms, rituals, communicate some ways with gods, base and looks. * Rituals are roots in the human needs and relationship Rituals * Every rituals varies * Usually involves food Muslim and Jews have specific food eating habits * Many Buddhist set food portions aside for ancestors * Anishinaubae put small come of food for the spirits * close to rituals are more complicated * much(prenominal) as marriage, death, birth * Sometimes these rituals mark duty period and sometimes they fr iend to bring the transformation about.* Indigenous tradition rituals serve in some ways to re realise some aspects of the world, order and life Journey * liberation on a journey/quest rites of passage * Journey to a new place is where a transformation occurs. * The person returns home with carnal change, such as tattoo, scar or a body part to symbolize their new self. * Pondos moved into a superfluous hut to plump sacred healers- if they go into town before they must be cover in white * White usually symbolize the color of transformation in Africa * Anishinaubae vision quest yong man travels far away from home only with water and be completely alone.Then late he become a self-aggrandising man and comes home with food and the ritual is complete . Sacrifice Mel Gibson sacrifices in Indigenous traditions are vey common channel sacrifice raise a young cub, and raise it for two daylight and kill it. Head is emptied and filled with flowers and then the animal is cooked and eaten. They think that the deem is the golds spirit and they see it as freeing the spirit. temperateness dance dance till days and community provide support. Some sun dance involves sacrifice . the pole and lodge are buil to show the creation of the world Nuer sacrifice ox for healing.Xhosa when a woman excise ill the community gathers and kill a cow and do many rituals. This is due their thinking that the ancestor or spirit is angry with the women. * in a higher place rituals shows the involvement of community even though there is sacrifice involved. * The rituals in conclusion brings people together * Sacrifice like rituals create order and meat * Those rituals join people to the past and respond to current situation pagan Expression What you see is not always what you get Art in Indigenous traditions is aout relationship objects are coonected to people Weaving * Intertwine and connect * Weavers work together , helping one another , passing knowledge. * Shows bonds among peopl e Maori Tradition * altogether weavers are female * A young lady is verbalize all about weave more said more discouraged if people saw true commitment then they let the girl into whare pora(caretakers of the weaving) * Whare pora have rules no sex before dying, no food allowed during weaving, special garment should be weaved during the day and not strangets can view the weaving * Traditional colors black, red and white * Sacred thread is run up on all garments to show the bond Underlying cloth * dress declare who we are and how we fit into social fabric * Has two side can hide much as it reveals and help us create a public incline * Lady gaga he masks and clothes hide part of her but also reveals her identity that she wishes to show * exceptional clothes are associated with imp rituals * Bunu believes that the special clothes are kind of womb, enveloping the body as like a fetus is universe born. Clothing only wears it does not die old cloth is replaces by new, as old spirits is reborn Spirit basket * Oldest liberal arts * In pomo community men makes the voiceless basket for hunting and search * Women were responsible for religious baskets.* Mable mckey was a traditional healer in pomo community and famous basket weaver in the world. Masks * Masks are used in imp rituals hook up with , funerals, hunting celebration etc * Masks are ment to ring spirit into the community lesser deities (gods) * Mask represent certain animals does not pixilated they worship the animal * Epa mask in Yoruba community extremely heavy show the strength require to dance with the mask and enter the adult hood with responsibility. * Carvers are usualy male Totem poles * Very specific to each communities * exercise of totem poles also varies in each tradition.* Meaning varies serve as a supporting structure or grave makers and other as a symbol for power * Most also tell stories such as historical, achievements and religious * Grizzly bear at the base holding a hum an represents self-preservation or survival. Moko * Maori carvings are less likely to be displayed outback(a) the original physical context * Moko tattoos * In the beginning the women were only allowed tattoos most their lips and chin where men can have tattoos all over their face * Moko story remind the Maori people their ancestor and importance of meeting ones obligation and treating one another with respect Ancestoral House.* Marae Maori religious and social home. Site of wedding , funeral, celebration. * Authority is held by community elders where they use the aloofness to pass n traditions, stories and arts, carving, weaving. * If the artist when wrong painting the place, they could be put to death. * Location is very imp it must be located in a place where the previous generation carried out the religious and social activities. * Whare Whakairo physical form which represents the body of the ancestor * The building is divided into body parts of the ancestor Three points and Shrine * Some traditions are very plain, harder for an outsider to see * Three issues * Most rituals are performed outside * Think bout the persona of religious structures that are used in the rituals * What you see is not often what you get * Mbari shrine represents the founder of the community, a great healer and was strained to flee because they were attacked by another community. Elder stands her to protects the shrine all the time. * The caution signify the change modern development Hogans * Navajo Hogan traditional living space as well as the site for many rituals. * It is the site for free-and-easy activities and some are religious and some are not * forward new Hogan is occupied a song is performed.* Known as benignity way ceremony four divining earth, mountain woman, water woman, corn woman also the song speaks everyday things * According to them world is structure Hogan All these things symbolizes * Link btw past and present * Btw community and place * Btw our wo rld and world of spirits Colonialism * Colonialism process where people from one place maintain a settlement in another and to the effects of people who were already there. * Changes allow in subjugation or removal , new laws, social practices and new economy. * Power and profit are factors that drive colonialism.* righteousness is also one of the grounds Colombus * He destroyed a community Arawaks * He wanted to tell him where the gold was people who gave him gold were left alive and people who didnt were killed(by cutting hands) * Then he realized that the most valuable are the people, so he sent them back to Europe by the sauceboat drink down. Genocides * 20 million African were taken as slave and only 11 million returned * 96% od aboriginals were dead in Australia * factors of depopulation armed services action, torture, starvation, suicide and slavery. * More aboriginals are killed when the Americans want more land master of continent * As settler population growed the indigenous population cut back less friendly for land * Terra nullius no ones land was the phrase that European settlers used no owner ship primitive they do not count as people Conversion * Many converted to different religion due to colonialism * In Indonesia indigenous tradition is not recognize by lay so all are counted as Moslem Loss of religion * Europeans tried to convert them into chistianity rarely worked * Europeans used array strengeth and religion our people is tronger because our god is stronger * Missionaries.* Also sometimes the colonial politics made the indigenous religion illegal * Eg potlatch and sundance was made illegal ? break away to the felf harm and economic hardship is potlatch(poverty) * Colonialism lead to patriarchy The potlatch * Feast that are hosted by a family and hosting family presents the guests with gifts * Demonstrate hospitality and redistributing wealth. Loss of verbiage * Colonialism language disappeared forever * 20 languages e xtinct * when communities died, the languages died with them * childrens were forbidden to speak their own languages Stolen generation Loss of Land* Many religious and indigenous land were taken and was destroyed * Two problems that non-indigenous people had * Very common belief, no specific belief and are mostly about practice * Religion such as Christians can pray anywhere but indigenous people had to pray at a specific site individuality (the sympols of indeginous people in sports) * Cleveland Indians play at Atlanta braves its a reminder of ongoing colonialism that has been taken from the indigenous people. * Indigenous oriented label eskimo pie to market the products evoke a primitive stereotype that is best desirable for the product *.

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Excessive Happiness with Patch Adams Essay

Patch Adams is one brilliant picture show that touches the hearts of those who watch it and withal has this very strong force that attracts the viewers attention to inhabit indulging into every scene, to listen in every line utter by distributively actor, for in each line hides a deeper meaning. Lastly, this movie truly affects the lives of the lot watching, young and old alike. Patch Adams is truthfully a very heartwarming story that braces one person think and focalize on ones own bearing and plan in life. It thought me to enjoy every moment of my life and to keep on pursuing what my heart truly desires. As Arthur Mendelson said, If you focus on the problem, you chiffoniert see the solution. Never focus on the problem inspect what no one else sees. See what everyone chooses not to see out of fear, submission or laziness. See the whole world anew each daytime This movie is also packed with humor, sorrow, love, but most of entirely hope.It is a one of a kind story that lifts the spirit of all who are depressed, of those who feel as if theyre all alone in life, and those people who are battling with sickness. It teaches us that death is a natural phenomenon which we cant avoid and escape from, and at the same time it instill in our minds that as pine as we live, we should make the most out of our lives, delimitate all the misunderstandings, communicate to the person we havent talked for a long time, and above all, continue serving the people and God. I could not theorize anything negative against the movie because in the first place, it has excellently portrayed the smash of life. Also, the story imparted a lesson that what matters most is the happiness and feeling of fulfillment in ourselves as we take care of the others and not just the payment that comes for the operate offered.When we do service wholeheartedly, we touch lives, we change perception, and we are able to be appreciated by the people whose lives we were able to transform. To e nd this reaction paper, all I can say is that God works amazingly and that each one of us has a purpose in life. The realization of this purpose depends on the person if he volition accept this unreservedly and will commit to it ready to face all the hurdles that will cease his way. We must never be afraid to take risks and when we do things, when we make a decision, we must always offer it to God that He may guide us along the right path. When we do this, we are conscious of not only extreme happiness, but also ETERNAL AND unceasing SERENITY with God.

Make Within Social Boundary Architecture Essay

Relationss ar the bonding that sight make within societal boundary. But relation in the piece of dally is wholly diametrical from that we create in twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours vogue within societal boundary. Personal dealingss are bound upon with confidence, religion, dealingss ( personal ) and same with the superior dealingss. two types of relation demand break transfer spread. Difference between personal and professional dealingss can be classified as followsRelationss in the employment is suit reveal devouring and whitethorn be lasting or long-run found.As they both(prenominal) are foc apply on plebeian nonsubjective & A ends, on that point might be theory of risque competition and it is frequently possibility that both of them fight against whole(prenominal) other. And leave no rock right-side-up(predicate) to exhaust the better of each other.One can scarcely film common reliance, religion and regard and it should be from both the side. q uite a olive-sizeds die harding in the workplace should hold high emotional quotients and should hold o point of variety between personal and professional emotionsTypes of dealingss that exist in the work topographic pointEmployer and employeesMan come alongr and subsidiaryColleagues and colleaguesInternal service supplier ( finance, human resource etc. )External agents ( sellers, guests, knobs etc )High group peopleIt is seen that lack of send in dealingss in workplace proceedss re bothy dearly-won to follow and loss can non be make out in figures. insufficiency of practice can do the determination devi blab procedure hold. It in any case consequences in deficiency of communicating procedure. Healthy trust dealingss besides affects the pauperism and regulation of parties compound.Hence there s a figure of doubtfulness ariseFactors that help to do common trust dealingss between the workplaceWhat factors spoil that trustFrom where the trusts startsHow to forest all i n all told trustWhat are the steps puzzlen to cover the trust etc?Following factors ad bring together an of import function in bring into beinging trust in work topographic pointAlship canal use cool words and nalways get the better of your wordsCommunicationss should be fast, free and h onenessnessnessstHave trust on your organisation and its endIts consistence and dependabilityGood and effectual responseIntegrity and e forestAppraisal of endowment, cognition, littleon set up and experience of the squad members and employeesCommittedness towards workTherefore we can state that smell of kind is justified by trust. In larger organisation, you can non pull off the trust that you experience, but you can move in figure of ways that build your trust indoors continuously with the work environment. When people contemptible under such(prenominal) guidelines of openness, honestness, tolerance & A regard, it will shrink to sanction and security.This will automatically make trust among organisation. If there is no such trust in kind of organisation, a big sum of talent is wasted such as redundancy and a sunrise(prenominal) vision of human relationships for concern instruction, household & A personal life the whole book is on hope. This is really a lot practical, inspirational and based on research.The book shows many dimensions of trust and they areUnresearch suitableUnrefundable The universe and the people in it ARE trusty the hereafter is in us and it is bright. Jack R. GibbARTICLE 1Today, we all affirm such busy lives, what with the family jobs, societal activities and work we barely get to pass any tog with our kids. But as you know, passing quality dress with your kids is one of the well-nigh of import things in conveying them up. It is through with(predicate) this that the bond between kid and parent is strengthened, and the kid begins to number on you and swear you. Parents who hap capable clip with their kids find that t heir kid is devising better in initiate, avocations and athleticss. Though you can schedule the clip you spend with your kid, spontaneousness is ever the surpass option. Therefore, it is best you spend clip with your kids in a relaxed environment and that you do things that you can both bask.You might be inquiring where you will happen that style of clip. But you get hold of to prioritise and delve out adequate clip from your busy agenda.Here is a list of things you could make with your kid to do the most of the clip you waste available.Go through the list of family jobs and see which you can go forrard out or pass lesser clip on in order to save about clip. You can besides maintain some jobs for after your kid s bedtime so that you can pass that clip with your kid.You can even do some of your modus operandis together interesting. You can sing vocals together on your manner to twenty-four hours care. You can even utilize the clip spent in the auto while driving to and from school to discourse things traveling on in your kid s life.When you check two or more kids, it is of import to give each angiotensin-converting enzyme attending. It might be hard for you and you might truly hold to expression really difficult, but make sealed you are originative and negotiable while disbursement clip with each kid. And at no court should you call off out on clip spent with each kid. If you do this, the kid may experience that he or she is less of import than the food market shopping or the dry cleansing.Children need routine and stableness, so guarantee that the quality clip you plan takes topographic point on a regular basis. You can utilize pass forenoons to take the Canis familiaris for a walk together, or you can take one twenty-four hours per hebdomad to hold an eat out. There are many ways of disbursement clip together, merely do certain that it counts.ARTICLE 2Durable and Best Quality Pex Tools Available HerePex tools are merchandises that carry much grandness among the general quantify sizables. The Pex tools enable the user to suit or make better any plumbing merchandise. They are flexible plenty to behind elbow room around some of the braces and other things that are in the manner of your old house or work topographic point.Pex tools are specialized-they fit the seam. For illustration, if you buy a handle puller to draw bath or shower spigots, you will besides necessitate a box terminus or hollow-core socket twist to take wadding nuts which are light brass, behind distorted and practically impossible to replace.The crimping tool, clamping tool, expander tool, wirsbo tool and Pex tools are make while taking attention of its ha stingude. They are made of light lean stuff that enables them to be carried off. As tools are largely required to be carried so the Pex tools are made of lasting size that can lightsome suit in your tool kit. The usage of pex tools enables you to suit other plumbing merchandises. The flexi ble and ready to hand Pex tools go down the pex pipe installing and stop up clip while increasing its productivity.Pex pipes are suggested for every sort of usage for hot and cold weewee distribution. The Pex pipes are available in many colourss largely two different colourss red and blue are utilise by maximal users as it is helpful in distinguishing different sorts of H2O supply. The size of the pipe lines can besides be taken as per the is a best resource for Pex tools or Pex pipe where you would borrow prime(a) merchandise at the most low-cost mo kaleary values. We offer best and robust merchandises that would maintain you free from all kinds of jobs. Having consideration of all its client s necessities, every merchandise supplied by is free from any sort of irritations. Customer s satisfaction and trust are the lone(prenominal) kinds we look for while enabling you to choose clasp of best merchandises harmonizing to your suitableness.A RTICLE 3Paid Online Surveys Introduction and How to annoy these Most Reliable, Easiest and Trusted Source of Online Work to Make MoneyA gainful surveyis a mesh based questionnaireanswered by an person for utilizing a peculiar merchandise or service. It is a web basedresearch toolfor finding thequality, popularity and usage of a peculiar merchandise or service. Companies be for studies because they are able to straight advance their product. atomic number 60 s of companies are heroic for your opinionsbecause your feedback enables them to make merchandises that people will desire to purchase That s where you concord a go at it inIn the legitimate clip of recession, it is non easy to gain much notes to carry through all your dreams but still in this current clip of economic crisis ( recession ) , gaining through salaried studies is a boonforteenagers, dismissed someones, pupils, stay-at-home mas, retired people, or for anyone who wants to gain excess income from place. In the present clip, even the adolescents can gain currentness online take leave in paying(a) online studies because cyberspace is easy available for about all teenagers.At present, 15-year-old teens can act on in online occupations. Gaining with paying(a) online studies is much better than any other occupation for adolescents because it is much respectful, easy, dependable and honoring. In footings of location, working at place is most comfy topographic point and in footings of experience, noexperience is required for take parting in paid online studies so it is the best place online work non merely for adolescents but besides forstay-at-home mas, retired people, unemployedpersons or for anyone wants to gain excess online income from home.If you participates in paid online studies so it isnot a waste of clip. If you dedicate small of your clip in paid studies, you can gain a good net income. Earning on-line money with paid studies is so easy thateven a someone with no anterior cyb erspace working experience can do good extra incomein his/her trim clip.There areseveral ways to gain money through paid surveys- by merely read electronic mails, by complete studies and by store for merchandises that you want.Cash and gifts.Wagess points, which converts into even more hard currency.Referral wagess, whenever you tinge others to take part.Lucky draw entriesand the opportunity towin antic awards.Your ownshopping e-mallwhere you get hard currency back on all your purchases.You getYou can gain adequate money with all these activities. Spending justa few proceedingss fillingout ashort account and you merely made $ 1- $ 20 in less than 5 minutes.There isno bound of earningwith paid on-line studies. It depends on how much clip you devote for it.Some singles devote their full clip take parting in studies so they are doing a deal of money.Believe it that take parting in paid online studies is one of the best, most dependable, easy and original online activity to gain an enomorous sum of money.But the inquiry is thathow a soul seeksthe companies paying for participatingin online studies. The answeris to happen the companiessearch them on any serach engineorjoin alegitimate paid study sitewhich charges a small one clip fees for its rank. With these, you can gain in legion waysYou can acquire paid to take on-line studies and do from $ 5 to $ 75 each, or more.$ 50- $ 150 per hr to take part in on-line focal point groups.You can acquire paid to take phone studies and you can gain every bit much as $ 120 an hr.Try and maintain new merchandises and acquire paid excessively.Plus much much moreDo nt pay a individual dimeto any company to fall in study sites toget free paid online studies. After deep analysis, we prepare a list of severalbest legitimate paid surveyspanels to fall in and get down doing animmediate on-line income. Select one, more or all of them, fall in these panel/panels and acquire paid to take studies. Depending upon your profile, you are invited for a peculiar study which satisfy your age and manner of living.By finishing each study, study takers get reward in footings of hard currency, points etc. Engagement in paid study is fun, interesting, and financially rewarding, and is merely unfastened to registered members.ARTICLE 4Nokia Mobile Phones- Trusted for Quality everyplace the Years Nokia has come up with some advance phones that stick out given people broad sorting of characteristics and awing installations. These phones are true chef-doeuvres that are full of progress characteristics. These French telecommunicates develop owing(p) expressions and characteristic easy interactivity that make them super user friendly. These devices offer better installations to the users.Nokia is theiconof huge success and mammoth credibleness in the universe ofmobilephones. It is an organisation that has led the nomadic industry to new highs with its ripe(p) engineering and good organized strategic planning. Every merc handise from this trailblazer maker is crafted with undischarged attention and quality. It is the utmost difficult work and client oriented ends of Nokia that has helped the look at name to prolong in the extremely dynamic and competitory universe of nomadic phones. The nomadic industry has taken awe-inspiring roar in the last few old ages. It has become one of the most powerful and preferable trade names across the Earth. This trade name has created a particular topographic point in the heads and sick Marias of the clients with its emotional and human esthesia that creates a feeling of belonging amongst the clients. Its slogan Connecting People has been able to make a particular relationship with the clients across the Earth. Over the ultimo few old ages, it has gained huge credibleness and adulation by the users. The company has been able to make particular topographic point for itself in the heads and the Black Marias of the users by offering them astonishing merchandise s with great quality. Customers trustNokia phonesfor theirhighperformanceand great public-service corporation.The undreamt of French telephones from Nokia offer great lastingness and amazing public demo to the nomadic users. Nokia N series Mobile phones are extremely advanced and sophisticated. They offer a complete array of advanced characteristics alongwith great expressions. hardly a(prenominal) amazingly and stupefying phones from the company include Nokia N95, Nokia 6500 Slide, Nokia 7900 and Nokia Prism etc. Nokiaphoneshave great battery backup, amazing design and amazing picture capturing capablenesss. These phones are exceedingly advanced and merely enchant the users.Nokia 6500 Slideis an amazing phone with a apprehend design. It has fantastic and elegant steel brushed casing. The phone opens up with an highly smooth slide action. It has an unbelievable 3.2 mega pel camera with Carl Zeiss lens. The French telephone has a 2.2 inches big level LCD screen with 240 tens 320 pels declaration. The device has advanced Television out map with which assorted images and pictures can be viewed on the telecasting. Its camera has the advanced characteristics like LED flash and digital speedy climb. The phone besides offers astonishing music with its FM wireless.Nokia 7900 Prism has one of the most arresting designs in the nomadic phones section. It does non merely look astonishing but besides offers great convenience. Its alone light scenes give you surprisingly great feeling. The phone has efficient camera with which you can enter all the beautiful minutes of your life with great manner. The French telephone has support for Bluetooth connectivity, internet entree installation and many other characteristics. The Nokia Prism is your high tech, extremely glamourous phone which helps you create that perfect feeling.EachNokiamobilephoneis an illustration of great efficaciousness and manner. High tech characteristics, great looking designs, astonishing camera and u ser friendly interface make these French telephones a much desired object of everybody.ARTICLE 5Learn to Develop Trust in Your RelationshipsIt can non be said enough that trust is the ground tackle in any and every relationship that we maintain in our lives. The said relationship may attest in the signifier of a friendly relationship, concern, household or even love whatever it might be, the most cardinal prospect to that relationship has to be trust in and esteem for each other. You must understand that, for any relationship to work out and bloom farther, you have to constantly work at keeping and beef uping that trust factor. each relationship in the end breaks down if there is utmost deficiency of trust in it. No affair how hard you try, that bond will neer be able to boom wholly without both parties absolutely sympathy and accepting each other s motivations. Not puting adequate trust means that there exists a batch of concern and uncertainty in that associationOf class, it sometimes gets hard to wholly swear person, particularly if you have been hurt in some manner in a bypast relationship of some sort. So how do you un realize your conditioning from all those old unfortunate experiences and larn to acquire back that swearing quality you one time possessed?Accept and swear yourselfTo unlearn all the veto forms of idea you have developed through the old ages, you have to first learn to take into account travel of the yesteryear. Forgive yourself and others for all errors affiliated and all the misinterpretations that have come in the manner. Admit your errors and accept yourself for what you are. every last(predicate) of us have our negatives, some which we merely have to larn to go with.Learn to swear yourself and your ain capablenesss. You will merely be able to cast your mistrusting attitude if you foremost learn to accept, trust and love yourself. Remember, the macro is the micro. The external universe, for us, is merely a manifestation of our internal egos. If we continue to be positive, we will hold positive experiences in our ain lives.Learn to allow travelLearning to allow travel is a major visor towards casting that over-watchful attitude of yours. This measure is most indispensable if you are sing an dismaying sum of upheaval in your relationship with your spouse or partner. It happens really frequently that little daily brushs over some genuinely cockamamie grounds eventually snowball out of all proportion and make an irreparable jailbreak between both parties concerned.Learn to take it easy and speak with the individual concerned and show your feelings and ideas openly. Besides, do non maintain an history of anything. Let the peeing under the bridges be bygones go forth entirely the past and concentrate on constructing a better tomorrow with your relationship.Of class, it has to be historied here that a relationship merely will non work out right if one is seeking to take undue advantage of the other. If yo u are being the victim in such a state of affairs, the lone manner out for you would be to stop meeting that peculiar individual and walk out of that relationship wholly.In decision, you should understand that any relationship neer wholly works out unless there is a complete, 100 % trust between both you and the other individual involved. So learn to halt doubting people s motivations and larn to put trust in each and every one of your relationships, get downing instantlyQuality in workplaceThere is a difference between functional literacy and workplace literacy. Functional literacy may be defined as written learning that maps in society whereas workplace literacy is defined as communicating operation that is necessary for working in todays workplace. These skill include effectual communicating, convey authorship ability and work outing jobs.Most of the companies are be aftering to better the accomplishments of their employees. It can be seen that with the overpowering populatio ns, human resource executives have increased communication theory accomplishment ( 80 per centum ) and interpersonal accomplishment communications ( 75 per centum ) . But there is a shriveling figure of companies undergoing with employment trials.MANAGEMENT character AND THE GOOD WORK PLACEgood work topographic point is a construct in new focal point. It is given a new focal point through positive actions but besides through negative studies of miserable on the job conditions. Management quality is an organisational construct. It says that how the organisation involved high quality of direction and leading in all split of organization.persons who are appointed as directors consequences in good direction is ever said that whenever a good workplace is to be started, it shoul be started from a hapless work-place as get downing point. It may be seen from the dim duties, no feedback or response, unfairness in rewards, publicities and dismissals, deficiency of personal chan ces, hapless environment. Work topographic point is characterised by uncertainness, ill will and solicitude of challengers.There is a barbarous circle, between deficiency of motive and trust will take to low productiveness, which in bend forces cost decrease and menaces offlay. Those who can make this can travel to the better employers. This consequences in work burden and internal competition. illness and absenteeism are erased by impermanent tag of advancement. This manner trust and motive additionsCREATING TRUST AMONG TEAM Memberskeep one some other self-pridesupport & A praise one some othermaintain sensitive information confidentialstand up for one anotheravoid chitchat or unjust unfavorable judgment of othersappreciate one another s accomplishment & A differences.Trust is really of import to organisational public presentation, and lynchpin to good leading. If executives have high trust environment, squads are effectual and people work better and they feel positive for th eir work. Trust minimizes the cost of edifice concern.Research measured the six factors fundamental to swearabilityunderstandingequityopennessunityconsistenceIt is for senior leaders, trustworthiness is wholly determined by merely two factorsabilityunityLeaderships who want to hold trust among the employees, personal unity is non easy to pass on.Real personal unity can non be obscure thing. It is hard to portion and easy to comprehend through learned and developed. signal value is the term used on work on bettering. This says that behavior tally your values that you have. pause should be reduced between leaders and employees in big organisations. It provides chances to acquire in communications with the staff, beliefs and trust physique.It chiefly focuses onTreating people reasonablyListen to themTry to be consistent in behaviourTrust physiqueHard workRegular senior directionUnexpected POWER OF TRUSTWorkplace trust is the thing that join two single each other and the organisatio n mission. The organisational trust promotes productiveness and quality by relationships at all degree. trustworthy workplace is good relaxed, unfastened, originative and productiveness. Where trust is absent there is no bound of evolution and there there will be no chances.DecisionThis survey consequence in intermediate procedure that find relationship between work constructions and organisational committedness. This consequences suggests that create conditions that empower to pattern harmonizing to criterions of profession and that working dealingss within an ambiance of trust and

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The Current “Age of Accountability” Law in Light of Developmental Psychology Current Law Upheld Case Study

In the drive study provided, unrivaled give notice see many argonas where the development of the tiddler in question can be taken into context when face at the fact from a law standpoint. In any case involving baberen, one must always take into account their environment, their developmental days, and their on-key epoch. With each age group, there is a norm for development and each kid must be evaluated regarding that norm. In this case, the electric current law regarding the age of account efficacy can be upheld through three basic points.These points are the biosocial, the cognitive, and the psychosocial areas of development. Each area plays a huge affair in whether or non a boor (at the age of six) can be held accountable for such a vehement act. In the area of biosocial development, ein truththing from a frys nutrition to brain development to abuse can doctor their perceptions (Berger, 2008). In the case provided, the six yr old boy, coming from a single paren t household, could very easily wound developmentally in this area.Historically, single parent households make much less than households where both parents are present. Less income (socioeconomic status decline) could equal less nutritious food to helper in proper development. At the age of the claw provided for this case study, he seems to be at the norm for brain development. At this age, even though kidren can think in rapid succession, they do not passage the information to the point of seeing the true consequences.The child is besides not completely able to use deductive reasoning when thinking the postal service through from beginning to end and vice versa (Berger, 2008). Emotions at this point also play a key role in the development of the child provided. At this age, emotions such as anger (which would commonly be matte after the scuffle on the playground) can grow over a few hours and especially overnight, in a child who has anger or guilt fusss anyway.While anger is a normal emotion, some children at this age struggle with the appropriate way to deal with it and lash emerge, resulting in injury. Taking into consideration the lifestyle of the juvenile in question, abuse and/or neglect could also be a large problem in his dealing with anger issues. While he may see the revilement he could be receiving as just basic attention, he is futile to process the true impact of the situation at his age (Berger, 2008). When the child sees anger at home, he is more likely to engage in anger motivated activities outside the home.Cognitive development of the six year old boy must also be taken into consideration when upholding the age of accountability law. Due to the fact that children of this age tend to be very self-centered and concord the ability to focus on one idea (regardless of perception), a child with anger issues will see their problem is the whole world and that that one focal point is to stop the smouldering feeling (Berger, 2008). While to an adult this is irrational thought since the consequences are not planned for, to a child this creates harmony in their world of me. brotherly learning at this age is a huge incline on how they react to their environment. In the case provided, the child is reacting the only way he knows how. Since both his father and grandfather are in the corrections form for gun related charges, it is likely that the child is only modeling the mien he feels is set forth by those before him (Berger, 2008). While the child does not realize what he is doing at the time, he is an apprentice in thinking in the same way the other male figures shake acted in his life.Even though the child has a male influence in his life (his uncle), it does not seem to be constructive as the uncle is likely the one who left the gun out irresponsibly. To uphold the current law, it should also be taken into consideration that a child at this age is merely attempting to make the difference between belief and reali ty. What a child sees on television receiver and plays in video games can also play a role in their perception of the world as well as their cognitive and psychological development (Berger, 2008).Children before the age of seven have a difficult time realizing the reality and the hallucination within their environment. To them, a violent act is just the means to the end, the consequences are not their concern, and their goal is to end their own suffering regardless of the cost due to their self-centeredness. In the area of psychosocial development, a child should not be held accountable at the age of six due to their emotional status, ability to receive and internalize emotion, and falling victim to their parents style of parenting (Berger, 2008).If a child is subjected to authoritarian parenting, they are more likely to be less happy, suffer from depression, and feel guilty about situations in their environment. In the case presented, this could very well be the case for the chi ld as his reason for natural anger could be internalizing guilt for his father and grandfather being out of his life and in prison. Permissive parenting could also be a score of developmental issue in a child of this age as they would be lacking of self control and unhappy. Again, the media begins to play a role in the lives of children this age.When a child observes violence and hatred, then they will virtually likely exude this type of behavior as well if it does not go corrected by a parent (Berger, 2008). When the media is the parent of the child, television used as a babysitter, the only role model they have are the actors on television to mimic and model their behavior. Overall, based on the information provided by Berger in the text, the law regarding whether or not the child in the case from Michigan should be held accountable should be upheld.It can be seen from the information provided above that the child is not developed equal to weigh the consequences of their actio ns and are most likely victims to their environment. Children cannot control what they are shown and therefrom at age six should not be accountable for their violent actions when they do not understand what the repercussions of their action could be and do not understand something as complex as taking another life.

The Decay of English as a Language

But today, in a world filled with computers and keyboards and various applications worry Microsoft Office to facilitate our writing and even correct our errors, do we very need to know how to write properly anymore? In the new world where we use our phones and subjects to communicate with the least amount of effort, short and succinct text to get to the point regardless of punctuation, grammar nor orthography. In a fast living world where everybody seems to pay less succession, Is there really board for linguist? According to John Humphrey, a newspaper author mentioned in crystals essay, exiting is ruining our Language.Ever since the mobile phone was introduced and along with the way to communicate with messages, companies have been using this invention to make the most profit of it by developing the Global System for Mobile Communications Network in the mid(prenominal) sasss. Messages at that time had a limited amount of characters, so the message people are trying to for ward had to be short and concise. on that point was no room for orthography nor grammar. The beginning of SMS, short message service. interrogatory as a trend rocketed In the 21 SST century and a ewe creative style of writing has emerged.However, David Crystal is not agreeing with the majority, he states, that it kind of helps than hinders literacy (b or not b, David Crystal, 337). He also argues that even though a lot of grammar and general linguistic rules are often broken, the messages are put away understandable. And Isnt that the point? Furthermore, the longer the messages become the less linguist errors occur. Symbols and single earn to replace run-in (b or not b, David Crystal, 337-338) In fact, this so called enigma is not new. People have been solving puzzles and riddles in newspapers using this complex body part of text in the 19th century.English has a lot of abbreviation words ever since it began to be written down. A different approach David Crystal is bringing up, is that author are using framework to write poems, short- stories or even novels. But the mobile phone is limiting the capabilities of this new shew style. So authors craved for a platform with more expressive power. Therefore, textile moved to the PC where people have more possibilities like color, font, type- size and shape. This shows creativity for the English language (b or not b, David Crystal, 344). And isnt that Just a development of Language?Like Languages have always evolved and changed over time? At the same time, increasing evidence from different researches, form a team at Coventry University, came to the conclusion that testing does not outcome childrens ability to write or read. Instead, it improves. One of the researches show that the more abbreviations they use, the give is their grade in tests on reading and vocabulary. This research also states that the junior the age is, where they get heir first phones, the better their skills in linguistic (b or not b, David Crystal, 345).The main argument is that children could not be heartfelt at testing if they had not already developed a doctor considerable literacy awareness, hence children who are able to use this kind of chat style already have a sense of how the language industrial plant and sounds. David Crystal isolates himself clearly from other authors or professors by not share the same opinion. And this essay depicts it coherently. I think that it is true that English as a Language is changing and its not going to be he same as it was. But is that a bad thing? Personally.

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Essential Questions

While the North veered to fightd a mechanical future of efficiency and ruse the Southern dep closedownence on their cotton industry kept them at a stand still. By 1877 prior t o the via media which ended Southern Reconstruction the Southern economic system was in a steady decline as emend for cotton belatedly shifted while the Norths de humannessd for manufactured goods continued its steady incline. Peopling How did the growth of kitty migration to the United States and the railroad a effect settlement patterns in the cities in the west?The growth of mass migration to the United States caused massive population n changes which tended to slow as immigrants settled into large towns and cities near or rivet red around the growing railroads which promised life and fortune to the prospective the States Politics and Power Why did the attempts at compromise before the state of war fail to prevent the inflict? To what extent and in what ways, did the Civil fight and reconstruction n transform the Statesn political and social relationships?The attempts at compromise failed because no politician was ever able to full y address the issues of slavery in a way that would last forever. nonnegative the fact that no Southern nerd was willing to give up their way of life because of a northerner who did not know t he value of slavery. America in the World How was the American conflict everywhere slavery part of larger global events? As the atomic number 63an powers grew and left(p) slavery for industry America was the la SST of the powers to attain a tour of slavery slowing the turn towards industry.With growing b all Zionist movements the views of the universe focused on slavery in the south. Environment and Geography How did the end of slavery and technology and soldiery developments transform the environment and settlement patterns in the so the and the west? At the end of the civil war with the end of slavery and the introduction of milt ray rule to the south in that location was a massive change in settlement as freed slaves began travels Eng throughout the south to find lost loved ones. Introduction of modernized military tactics and different technologies lowed the flow of populations within the American South.Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture How did the belief of manifest destiny affect debates over territorial expansion and the Mexican war? How did the Civil War struggle shah pep Americans beliefs about equality, democracy, and guinea pig destiny? The doctrine of Manifest Destiny caused a lot of debates concerning the correctly of American expansions in the west while all other countries could no longer claim any of t he land. The results of the civil war molded and enforced American belief in the divinity of their actions of bedcover democracy from ocean to ocean.Essential QuestionsEuropeans even knew about the Americas, Native American tribes were the first inhabitants. These first inhabitants were a people group united by kinship and called Pale-Indians and they settled in the Americas between twelve and fifteen one thousand years ago. Large mammals and an abundance of plants drew hunter- gatherers to the Americas, which provided the sustenance necessary for survival. tillage takes hold in a portion of the Americas between 1000 to 1200 AD, merely spreads further and more extensively by 500 AD.Agriculture in the Americas was very much different than in Europe and other countries. In the Americas, crops such as corn, beans, and squash were grown and there were no animals involved. Early fifteenth century, Europe was a patchwork of small kingdoms and principalities, and Europe began to expand Into Muslim ground and acquired a desire to trade goods with Asia, so they went about exploration of other than previous forms and ended up In America, without knowing It.Soon after capital of Ohio arrived, Spanish adventurers took an interest and as well as began to Lonnie, and proceeded to slaughter large numbers of Indians in get rich quick attempt. Also missionaries took an interest in converting the Indians to Christianity, which resulted in blended versions of Catholicism that exist today. Conquistadors, Spanish colonists under a man named Cortez, conquered the Aztec and began Indian labor system. Because of the scarcity of laborers in the Americas, Portuguese and Spanish colonists looked to Africa for opaque slaves.Spanish colonization and exploitation of Indians resulted in the Pueblo revolt against the Spanish. Europe soon followed their explorer Columbus to the Americas, bringing diseases and sickly pigs, this event Is now called the Great Dying. The Indians began to dissent the power of the Spanish and soon coexisted with them, adopting their cultures and learning the Spanish language. Coming to America Portrait of Colonial Life The New World, the Americas, became a magnet for all ethnic groups. People had such a desire to go to the Americas that they would obligate themselves s o that they could pay for their passage to the Americas.Voyages to the New World were ungenerous and legion(predicate) died on the voyage, while the youngest and healthiest were sold on shipboard. In New England, family relationships were of a great deal of importance. A marriage ceremony was created by the Puritans who also established obligations that were to be fulfilled by the male and female In each relationship. Divorce also became a right If a fellow broke the rules. The head of the house was to have moral order and punitive order and emotional stability. Men were expected to work in the handle and women joined them during harvest time, but made soaps,

Nucor Corporation Case Analysis Essay

1. What atomic build 18 the primary war the homogeneous threads impacting U.S. trade name producers in oecumenical and the producers equal Nucor that commit late firebrand products via recycling oddball brand in percentageicular? Please do a five-forces analysis disceptation among Steel Producers in that respect is a fierce competitive force in this perseverance. Rivalry revolves heavily around price competition beca consumption most firebrand products argon commodities. Producing steel of satisfactory quality is most producers are well-known(prenominal) with. In a commodity market like steel, it is hard to point out products of one steel producer from an early(a). I this type of market condition, buyers make a choice among minusculeest/best price merchandi descryrs.Moreover, competitively, meeting customers lecture schedule requirements is also a relevant conside ration for the buyers. This particularly holds original when rival sellers are charging fierce co mpetitive prices. Nucor is figuring out how to use low- approach scrap steel recycling technology to make a wider and wider range of steel products. Nucor is development its revolutionaryly developed technical capabilities to defer a fierce battle for market share in the new product categories.Competition from SubstitutesA moderately strong competitive force there are substitute products that compete with steel. For instance, aluminum, plastics and other materials arsehole be used in place of steel in some products. The flagellum of EntryA moderately strong competitive force it is little likely that new start-up firms will cipher the steel industry. According to this case, existent steel producers are anxious to give way their full treatment at their in full capacity. It is to a greater extent(prenominal) likely to seek out customers in geographical markets where they do not currently have a presence. Moreover, it is blank that new initiation may occur when companies l ike Nucor and Mittal Steel acquire less made steelproducers and try to turn the operations of the newly acquired companies into strong contenders in the marketplace. Nucors recent acquisitions, for example, re deliver entry of a potent and competitively winnerful steel company into either product categories or geographic areas where its presence is minimal. Similarly, Mittal Steels growth via acquisition strategy has sour it into a major competitive force worldwide. Bargaining Power of SuppliersThere is a moderate competitive force in case of scrap steel suppliers and unionized steel companies but there will be a wispy competitive force otherwise. There is an indication that suppliers are major competitive factors. However, the price of scrap steel is a light upon input for mini-mills and rising scrap prices dissolve put them at a competitive disadvantage. But scrap steel prices appear to be a function of overall market demand- egress conditions rather than a function of the superpower of individual suppliers of scrap steel.Bargaining Power of CustomersA moderate to enervated competitive force when demand is strong and in small give but a potent competitive force when demand is weak and steel suppliers are anxious to win a customers business. The competitive conditions in steel can be sturdy when the supply is spectacularer than demand and that price competition tends to dominate the competitive surroundings because of the commodity-like nature of steel products. 2. What driving forces do you see at clobber in this industry? Are they likely to impact the industrys competitive structure favorably or unfavorably? Three factors shift as driving forces hereA. Technological innovation in steel-making via voltaic arc furnace technology, thin-slab casting, and direct casting of carbon steel that has allowed companies like Nucor to enter product segments formerly dominated by the integrated mills of producers using older, more traditional steel-making technology. This driving force is acting to increase the competitive pressures that mini-mills are putting on the integrated producers. There is an unfavor fit solving from the standpoint of integrated producers but ahighly favorable final progeny from the standpoint of the producers like Nucor that are leading the charge to use new low- toll steel-making technology.B. Steel-making capacity worldwide exceeds the demand for steel, such that companies anxious to melt down their plants at full capacity are seeking to find immaterial customers for their output. and so a number of foreign steel suppliers are merchant vessels some of their output to the U.S. This puts them in a head-to-head competition with internalated steel suppliers. High-cost domestic steel suppliers are the hard hit by imported foreign steel. C. Industry consolidation to a smaller number of larger and more competitively successful steel companies (lead in part by the acquisitions of Mittal Steel and Nucor) i s acting to increase competitive pressures. Aggressive companies like Nucor may be able to acquire efficient plants at stack basement prices and enhance their long-run competitive market lieu. The industry spotter and competitive structure is much brighter for a low-cost producer like Nucor, which, is in a grave monetary position.In other words, gnarly industry conditions do not hit all competitors equally hard. As one of the industrys low-cost producers, Nucor is in good position to gain sales and market share at the outlay of the high-cost producers and those exiting the marketplace. Thus an industrys market environment may be unattractive to some rivals doesnt necessarily mean it is unattractive to all rivals because tough conditions for some may mean attractive opport unit of measurementies for others. 3. How attractive are the prospects for incoming profitability of U.S. steelmakers? Should Nucor consider expanding in this type of industry environment? why or why no t? All the U.S. steelmakers have different prospects for time to come profitability. High-cost steelmakers in the U.S. are in a risky position, earning profits because of short supplies and historically high market prices, but facing a weaker emerging when demand weakens and the market prices for steel products slip.A low-cost producer like Nucor is easy to gain sales and market share at the expense of high-cost producers, although it must certainly fight off low-cost foreign suppliers opting to sell in the U.S. to achieve this result. Hence, we think Nucor should certainly consider expanding its capacity via some(prenominal) additional acquisitions and the construction of new plant capacity. And Nucor should probably be around aggressive in doing so, since it has proven expertise in operating plants expeditiously and profitably. However, many domestic steel producersneed to understand expanding in the present environment unless they have the knowledge and ability to do so. There is a tendency for domestic steel producers to acquire and expand existing steel mills rather than to construct new ones. In doing this, they can reduce price-cutting and overcapacity during excess supply of steel products.4. What type of strategy has Nucor followed? Which of the five generic strategies discussed in Chapter 5 is Nucor employing? Is there any reason to believe that Nucor has achieved a sustainable competitive advantage over many of its steel industry rivals? If so, what type of competitive advantage does Nucor enjoy? Low cost supplier continued plant upgrades, cost reduction, and wideer control over rude(prenominal) material costs. Very clearly, Nucor is pursuing a low-cost lead strategy. such a competitive approach often is the best strategy in a commodity product industry. Nucor has been successful in achieving relatively low mathematical product costs.Nucor builds plants inexpensively and operates them efficiently. Nucors record of profitability during hard generation in the domestic steel industry is clear evidence that it is a low cost provider as compared to other domestic steel producers in the U.S. Nucor has to go far away from domestic competitors. No domestic competitors appear to have costs as low as Nucor. Nucor has a sustainable low-cost advantage over domestic steel producers and that it seems able to hold its own in competing against low-cost foreign steelmakers.5. What are the special policies and operating practices that Nucor has employed to implement and execute its chosen strategy? somewhat of the specific policies and operating practices that Nucor has employed to implement and execute its chosen strategy (in pursuit of low-cost leadership status) include The aggressive implementation of cost-saving technological improvements Nucors incentive compensation system for both plant employees and aged(a) managers Nucors HR practices and policies such as its no-layoff policy and its empowerment of plant employees The co mpanys low-cost culture and operating practices.The companys pursuit of innovative technologies to inter into new market segments The emphasis on decentralized decision-making and a genuinely lean corporate staff. Employees were kept informed about company and division performance. Most all employees were quite advised of the level of profits in their plant or division. Nucor plants were linked electronically to eachothers production schedules, and each plant strived to operate in a just-in-time inventory mode. 6. What specific factors account for why Nucor has been so successful over the olden some(prenominal) decades? Do these factors have more to do with great strategy, great strategy execution, or great leadership? There are several factors that account for Nucors spectacular success over the years 1. Nucors a low-cost leadership strategy.Nucor is an refined example of a company with a winning strategy (a clear reason for the companys success). 2. All of its operating prac tices, policies, and procedures are great competing strategies for Nucor, but it has also implanted and executed those strategies effectively and efficiently. 3. Nucor has had great strategic leadership, especially, in the case of Ken Iverson, Dan DiMicco, and senior executive team is a big reason for the companys success over the long-term. Therefore, Nucor is a standout company in an industry that is highly competitive and profitable. Nucor can be an example of great strategy + great strategy execution = great management 7. What is your assessment of Nucors financial performance the past several years? How strong is the companys financial condition? pecuniary AnalysisAssessment of Nucors financial performance in the past several years and the companys financial strength can be analyzed mainly using Nucors case Exhibits 1, 2, and 3. base on the data on Exhibit 1, the following Compound yearly Growth Rates (CAGR) of Tons Sold for Outside Customers, Total gain Sales, Total Earnin gs Before Tax, and Total Net Earnings are analyzed Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) = (Ending Value / inception Value)(1/n) 1 The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of total loads of steel sold to outside customers from 1970-2006 and 2007-2011 is 13.86% and 13.99% respectively. These figures show that there is an increasing apparent motion in the total amount of steel sold to the outside customers.CAGR in loot sales from 1970-2006 is 17.06% and the discharge sales from 2007-2011 is 18.06% CAGR in earnings before taxes from 1970-2006 is 21.84% and that of from 2007-2011 is 19.05% CAGR in mesh topology earnings from 1970-2006 is 22.74% and that of from 2007-2011 is about 20% The calculated result clearly indicate that Nucor has been able to grow its business very systematically over the past several years from 1970 to 2011 even though there were fluctuations in the total tons ofsteel sold after 2008 as indicated in Exhibit 1 on scallywag C-215.The data in Case Exhibit 2 in dicates that Nucor is in good financial stipulation and that its financial performance has been particularly strong from 2002-2008. Using the financial ratio information provided along with calculations of CAGRs, we can determine the following Nucors remuneration sales grew from $4.8 cardinal in 2002 to $23.7 billion in 2008, a very healthy CAGR of 25.62%. The strong increase is collectable both to rising unit sales volume and rising selling prices per ton (we can see in columns 2 and 3 of Exhibit 1 on page C-215 and also the data in case Exhibit 3 on page C-221). Nucors net earnings grew from $162.1 meg in 2002 to $1.83 billion in 2008 and CAGR of 41.4%. However, the big gains primarily came from 2004-2008 period. Financial RatiosBased on the supra table the cost of goods sold as a percentage of net sales in 2007, 2008, and 2009 is 81.14%, 82.90%, and 98.62% respectively. The rise in percentage of Nucors cost of goods sold during 2007-2009 is more a reflection of a depressed s ales price for steel products than of costs running out of control. This implies that the rate at which the sales decreased is greater than the rate at which the cost of good sold decreasedbecause in Exhibit 2 both the net sales and cost of goods sold shows a decreasing gallery. However, the net sales decreased by more than 50%, whereas the cost of goods sold decreased by a little less than 50%. Generally, there is from 2007 to 2011, we can conclude that there is a fluctuating trend in the cost of products sold as a percentage of net sales.Likewise, the marketing, administrative, and other expenses as a percentage of net sales has a fluctuating trend due to a fluctuating trend in both net sales and marketing, administrative, and other expenses. Generally, all things considered, Nucor is in very good financial shape. If we look at the balance sheet statement from 2000 to 2006 as a representative of the whole data, Nucors working capital has increased from $821.5 gazillion in 2000 to $3.23 billion in 2006, giving it substantially more gillyflower to conduct business operations and more financial flexibility. The companys current ratio has climbed steadily during the 2000-2006 period as well.When we look at the cash flow statement, Nucors cash flows from operating activities climbed from $820.8 million in 2000 to $2.25 billion in 2006. This implies that Nucors cash flows have been sufficient to administer its annual capital expenditure. As far as Nucors long-term debt is concerned, even though Nucors long-term debt climbed from $460.5 million in 2000 to $922.3 million in 2006, Nucors long-term debt as a percentage of stockholders fair-mindedness dropped from 21.6% to 19.1% the company clearly has the ability to handle the higher level of debt due to acquisition. 8. What issues does Nucor management need to address?To be more financially and competitively successful in the years ahead, Nucor has to address the following issues In Nucors case, we see the foll owing issuesInternational expansion should be strengthened.For example, Work more onvalue added productsExpansion into developing countriesDeveloping strategic aliens with other steel producing companies (Caterpillars) to better strength themselves.Union formation is a pick up to employee rightsRecommendations detain to pursue a low-cost leadership strategyContinue to seek out profitable opportunities to expand the companys production capacity. Expanding into the markets of foreign countries needs to be pursued very carefully and cautiously because of its exclusive access to lower- cost steel-making technologies