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Products and services of the organization Essay Example for Free

Products and services of the organization Essay Talent Acquisition Integrated Project Solutions Upon winning a tender our recruitment team in the region is given a list of requirements from the client which they then have to fill within a given time frame. It is also done through recruitment campaigns is one specific nationality is needed for a project. Global Mobility This is a service that we provide for all placed candidates who are travelling abroad for an assignment which involved on and off boarding support, visa, flights and housing arrangements Identification of Main Customers There are two types of customers that the company serves, those who are looking for workforce (the companies) and those who are looking for employment (the individuals). It is not possible to distinguish the percentage of who the company is more focused on as it varies on the region. What differentiates them is that the Clients that looking for workforce either request our company to be used as the resource through a recommendation or through a tendering process. On the other hand the individuals that approach our business while looking for new opportunities mostly use the website as a platform for searching and applying for employment which is then saved on our data base for future reference and use. 3. The companies’ mission and vision is as follows: The above describe the companies’ overall goal that all its branches are working towards on an annual basis. Those vary depending on the region due to different obstacles, structures or legislation surrounding it. Within the Middle East the main short to medium term objectives is to ensure that the existing relationships that have been established over the years remain undisturbed by this such as low quality of work and untimely delivery of work gained through tenders. This is achieved by employing the right people on the right positions to ensure that what has been built overtime won’t be damaged through wrong communication channels. Moreover the company needs to explore possibly needed adjustments in its operations to be able to work  with companies that work on smaller projects besides those which are government driven or large privately run entities. Finally, the company needs to explore and establish whether it is worth expanding into different. Industries within the region due to the growth within Rail and Construction sectors, considering a lot of competition from abroad this needs extensive analysis and research. 4. An analysis of minimum 4 external factors and their impact on the business activities of the organization. Political This factor within the ME Region is very influential. Due to ongoing conflicts in Iraq our consultants have to go through extensive training in case of emergencies such as wars which not only includes very high rotational/ demobilization costs but also involves a number of measures that the company had to incorporate and take into account while setting up the entity in high risk location which are: a separate emergency phone line, a 24/7 emergency contact, amendments to existing employee contacts which do not consider political conflicts; safe transportation, security guards and special camp accommodation which comes at a very high price The economy in the middle east is very good, however it is only accessible to those who have the right contacts and relationships. Also it is very strongly affected by politics. Western Companies have to go through a very lengthy process of registration which requires wasta not only at the beginning but also for certain regular activities which slows down a lot of processes which in h West wouldn’t be an issue. Arab culture is very strong and rules the legislation and all processes and procedures within workplaces in the Region. Introducing the process of nationalisation has had a great influence on all companies operating in the region as a quota on nationals has to be employed by every company which meant that current employees had to be replaced with locals who unfortunately often aren’t keen to work, which creates a lot of issues in the workplace. While expanding in the ME Region the company had tapped into the Caspian Region a few years ago and set up 3 offices in Kazakhstan. However business development and tenders were a struggle due to very common bribery and corruption methods in doing business in this region. AS this is against the companies’ Code of Business Conduct the Board is now considering to sell the business within that region, as it is impossible to develop without breaking the company codes. 5. Structure of the organization The company structure within the ME region is Functional due to the business need. Each of the departments and all employees have a specific role and function that contributes towards the entire region functioning properly Activity B 12 Organizational Strategy The companies’ overall Regional Strategy is focused on growth and development in existing and new locations. This means that all delivery managers are focused on bringing in numbers and new business to ensure high profits which equals meeting their KPIs. This relays to all other departments which like recruiters are pressured to provide the highest level of service and ensure the business’s regular growth. The HR department is there to: Ensure that all incoming business which requires new staff or increased workload for existing staff is worth the effort – preparing PL Reports Ensuring that all departments are equally rewarded, not just the recruiters that are given regular bonuses for placements made. Initiatives for the finance and GM department have been developed. Policies and procedures have been developed to ensure that all employees who join or are currently working for the company adhere to the same standards and are treated equally. All of the above mentioned directly or indirectly ensure staff retention. Supporting manager and staff contribution to the overall success of the business Conflict and Dispute solving -When a conflict arises HR is there to be the mediator and the person that is objective towards both sides. The HR helps to solve the problem without involvement of personal opinions of either of the sides. Conflicts often grow to an extent where other departments get involved and it becomes a personal issue rather than a small work issues that absorbs everyone. This is very unhealthy as it absorbs time and energy of the entire team or within an office where it could be used for positive actions and development. HR is there to ensure that misunderstandings do not grow on such scale and help the teams refocus on their goals as well s the common aim of the office or the region that every employee is working towards. This is crucial to the business because a team that doesn’t work well together will never produce results which will mirro their full potential. Performance Management – HR Provides the platform, tools and expertise to ensure that each employee is assessed on a regular basis and has a chance to express and discuss any problems or issues that they might be facing. It also provides written proof for the managers when it comes to promotions and pay rises at the end of the year. It also provides a source of analysis for training needs and employee development plans which are used during budget setting time. Appraisals, even though for many managers seem like a chore are a very important part of the businesses success. Even when a team doesn’t meet on a regular basis to discuss any issues, the assessment time is when real performers and those who clearly underperform are identified. Having detailed written reviews help to distinguish whether a staff member is worth investing in and having his employment continued or whether he should be let go of at early stages – within the first 3 months when the probation period is over. Without the HR department prompting the managers to complete those above described assessments, the managers often do not realize the lack of someone’s potential until crucial, often costly mistakes are made. Guidance in terms of employee legislation As the legislation in the region changes on a regular basis, it is important that HR has the information and relays it to all employees, and also acts as  the person that is informed of any immigration or legal changes. It is crucial to the business that all laws are followed to avoid any issues not only with employees in case of disputes but also with governmental bodies such as immigration or the Municipality. Following those rules in any country can be a deciding factor during an internal or external audit and ensure that the business can continue trading rather than being fined or even closed down for not adhering to the rules and regulations. Fair treatment of employees To ensure fair treatment of employees and to avoid favouritism, policies procedures and guidelines are developed. All employees are bound by the same rules which create guidelines for their day to day behaviours and actions which if broken and referred to during disciplinary or performance assessment meetings. Having rules in place is crucial to the business as it avoids unnecessary conflicts and issues as well as helps employees to understand and follow the company culture which is reflected within its rules.

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Gun Control Control Laws Decrease Crime Essay -- Second Amendment The R

Gun Control Since the days of the pioneers of the United States, firearms have been part of the American tradition as protection and a means of hunting or sport. As we near the end of the 20th century the use of guns has changed significantly. Because of fast and steady increase in crime and the fight for the right to own a hand gun, the introduction of legislation for gun control, to try to reduce the crime in the United States, has been a hotly debated issue in recent years. Although many people feel that gun control violates the right of the people, given in the second amendment "the right to bear arms", controlling distribution and sales and the registration of guns and gun owners is necessary because of the homicide rate involving guns and the violence by criminals using guns. Many people feel that gun control violates the right of the people given in the second amendment the right "to bear arms". Opponents of gun control, including the National Rifle Association, better known as the NRA, argue that the "right To bear arms" is guaranteed in the second amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America and licensing restrictions penalize law-abiding citizens while in no way preventing criminal use of handguns. It is also argued that by making it difficult for guns to be bought and registered for the American public there is a threat to the personal safety of American families everywhere. However controlling the sale and distributi...

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Ethnocentricity Essay

The cultures of people in different countries can affect the marketing strategies that a company will use as it enters new international markets. The company has to consider vary many factors of the new international, market place, some of these are political factors, social factors, economic and technological factors. Looking at the social cultural factors ethnocentricity is a major factor especially if the new marketplace is in a country with diverse cultures. This is a major challenge because most of these people hold so much to these cultures that it is very difficult to make them adopt your product and your marketing strategies. To enter a market like the Japanese market one must understand that they do not consume other products like pork as an example because that’s some of their cultural beliefs This means that in order to enter such markets one has to understand the practices of the people in these regions, their cultures and other influences like customs ethnic differences attitudes towards the products or services e. . c. The cultural activities of these people desires and their likes and preferences, these equip the individuals of the communities with certain value systems and on the other hand compel individuals and the community to comply with certain demands and participate in certain activities. In U. K for example a large population like football and most of them are at least attached to teams in their locality i. e. Manchester Everton etc. This should be used as a good ground for marketing products and distribution. Britons also have other tastes and preferences that differ with other people i. e they are not all that attached to rap music unlike the Japanese and Chinese who have their indigenous types of music the British like rhythms and blues. Some of these diverse likes and preferences will affect the planning and the channels of distributions that will be used. The Japanese people for example produce most of their goods especially electronics locally using cheap labor and locally available materials making it hard for a foreign product to penetrate that particular market. This should be a challenge to the marketer to introduce products that are rare I this particular market and price them lower than the competing brands and use vigorous distribution systems by the use of many levels of distribution probably the three level distribution channel i. e(manufacturer –wholeseller-retaillet-consumer) so that the product can reach all people in the target market. The French on the other hand are the direct opposite of the Britons in culture and hence in order to penetrate the French market a company should adopt products that have some attributes attached to them i. e social classes. This is because the French culture is that they believe that they are way above the rest and that their civilization is the best hence the type of product that fits them is a prestigious product hence to penetrate this market there is need to position the product ahead of the rest as a market leader. In order lure many people to adopt the product. Ethnocentricity has also a great impact on the type of media to use in communication of the product preferences to people of diverse cultures i. e the way the company will advertise its products and services in Britain will be different from the way the product will be advertised in Britain and the advertising media to use. The advertising medias range from print visual, audio- visual, billboards and small adverts done in between movies i. in between football matches. In France and Britain the best media to use are the print media and audio visual like T. Vs. However, billboards can also be used especially if they are to be set up in roundabouts in towns to remind the people on the product. China and Japan on the other hand need entirely advertisements over the Radio because this is the best media to reach a large number of people.

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The Epic Of The Odyssey - 1694 Words

The Odyssey is a epic Greek poem written by the poet Homer. The poem takes place after the ten year Trojan war, and the main hero of the poem is the war hero Odyssey, King of Ithaca, and his long, perilous journey home to his wife and son. The poem takes place ten years after the Trojan war, and Odysseus hasn’t returned home from the war where he had successfully fought. Odysseus son Telemachus is a bright, brave, 20 years old who is living in his father s house on the island of Ithaca with his mother Penelope and a crowd of 108 young men, the Suitors, whose goal is to persuade Penelope to marry one of them. A main character in the poem is the goddess Athena, who plays the role of Odysseus’s guide and protector. She requests to†¦show more content†¦Penelope overhears their plot and worries for her son s life. The second part of the poem tells the story of Odysseus. After he has spent seven years in captivity on Ogygia, the island of Calypso, she falls in love with him, even though he has spurned her advances. Calypso is finally convinced to release him by Odysseus great-grandfather, the messenger god Hermes, who has been sent by Zeus in response to Athena s plea. Odysseus crafts a raft and is given provisions by Calypso. When Poseidon learns that Odysseus has escaped, he wrecks the ship, but, aided by a veil given to him by a sea nymph, Odysseus swims to shore to the island of the Phaeacians. Tired and exhausted, he hides and falls asleep. The next morning, awakened by the laughter of girls, he sees Nausicaa, who has gone with her maids to wash clothes after Athena told her in a dream to do so. He asks her for help. She tells him to seek the hospitality of her parents, Arete and Alcinous. Odysseus is welcomed and is not asked his name. He remains for several days, takes part in a pentathlon, and hears the singer Demodocus recite two poems. The first is an incident of the Trojan War, called the Quarrel of Odysseus and Achilles; the other poem is a tale of a love affair between two gods, Ares and Aphrodite. Finally, Odysseus asks Demodocus to return to theShow MoreRelatedThe Epic Of The Odyssey Essay942 Words   |  4 Pageswith adversity in order to get there. However, compared to Odysseus in The Odyssey, who is strong, but untrusting, we will soon see that Sunjata is not only a man but a hero. In both texts we see each man adored by many and even compar ed to Gods like Odysseus in The Odyssey. However, when we break down the words of each epic we are faced to confront the truths of what a hero really is. This claim explains why The Odyssey expresses a false sense of heroism whereas Sunjata gives the audience and exampleRead MoreThe Epic Of The Odyssey1192 Words   |  5 Pagescrisis; I personally wait and panic around 5:30 in the evening. Nonetheless, the question in figuring out one’s own identity has plagued humanity from the beginning of time and continues to affect even the culture of today. Found in the Greek epic The Odyssey, the title character’s son Telemachus confronts a multitude of outside difficulties, which in turn progresses his journey to find himself. In extension, more recent works including â€Å"Living with Integrity†, an essay by Bob Barret, encapsulatesRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey1636 Words   |  7 PagesThe Epic of Gilgamesh and the Odysseus both are poems that have si nce early times been viewed as stories that teach the reader valuable life lessons, almost like a self-help book in today’s society. They both teach a lot of the same general lessons but there are some key similarities and differences throughout both works. Such as perseverance, and the inevitability of death are both lessons that are taught in each poem but they are presented to the reader through different interpretations. In theRead MoreEssay An Epic Odyssey1544 Words   |  7 PagesThe stories of epic heroes remain important to many cultures, the Greeks in particular. These tales of heroic men not only entertain, but they teach people about morals and values that most epic heroes exemplify, such as intelligence and bravery. To be an epic hero, characters are usually highly born, favored by the gods, perform great deeds, and have flaws. These tales are told in heightened style and occur in grand settings. Odysseus, the King of Ithaca, meets these traits and is considered a primeRead MoreThe Odyssey And The Epic Of Gilgamesh Essay1193 Words   |  5 PagesWhen it comes to the realm of epic poetry, and hero-like characters in literature, the two works The Odyssey and the Epic of Gilgamesh can be compared and contrasted in different ways. The Odyssey and the Epic of Gilgamesh can be compared as expressions of searches for the meaning of life through knowledge. The two stories are somewhat mirrors in this manner. Throughout each story, the characters Odysseus and Gilgamesh show growth and change. The Odyssey can be summed up by stating how the greatRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey Essay790 Words   |  4 Pagesadventures taken by characters as a tool to exhibit the alteration of the character’s nature. Examples of such can be found in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey. The journeys undertaken in The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey were transformative experiences for the characters in each and provided valuable cultural insights to the audience. At the start of The Epic of Gilgamesh, Gilgamesh is the arrogant ruler of the city Uruk. He is obsessed with immortality, which can be seen in the descriptionRead MoreThe Odyssey An Epic Poem1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe Odyssey an epic poem that has stood the test of time as history is made. Homer made a story as raptured almost everyone who reads it. Even the most trivial characters seem to serve some important role later in the epic poem. Yet it seems that the meaning of this great piece of fiction changes with the changing desires of society. Yet one thing that Homer puts in every corner of the book stays the same with the test of time. The misfortune that hangs like the sword of Damocles over each characters’Read MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey1487 Words   |  6 Pagessecrets and mysterious unknowns. It is because water can mean so many different things that it used so much to symbolize important things in literary pieces. In both the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Odyssey, water is used as a symbol that represents complex ideas, and it plays a significant role throughout both literary pieces. In the Epic of Gilgamesh, water is mainly used to symbolize life and death as well as rebirth or baptism. In several of Gilgamesh’s dreams water is used as a symbol that representsRead MoreThe Epic Of Gilgamesh And The Odyssey1765 Words   |  8 Pagesand how their values have been passed down and evolved over time. The Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey are both considerable representations of not only their unique cultures that set the very foundation of both civilization and storytelling, but also for their similar and different aspects of what they considered to be a hero. The most familiar structure to mythological stories such as the Epic of Gilgamesh and The Odyssey is that of a â€Å"tragic plot†. A tragic plot is a perfect plot that is connectedRead MoreThe Epic Poem The Odyssey 1459 Words   |  6 PagesHospitality has been around and important to cultures for almost forever. In the epic poem The Odyssey by Homer, there are many themes, but the theme of hospitality reoccurs throughout the entire epic. This epic takes place in Ancient Greece after the Trojan War. The main character, Odysseus, is on a journey back home to Ithaca after being away for ten years. Along the way, he must make stops and stays in the homes of the different people during his journey. The individuals that are hosting the stranger