Sunday, April 21, 2019

Corporate Logos and Their Change in Design over the Years Research Paper

Corporate Logos and Their motley in Design over the Years - Research Paper ExampleThe researcher states that Jim Nash do a black and white headshot of protagonist Man in 1946. This eliminated the other constituents of Quaker Mans body which symbolized a more focus in providing the higher quality of products, matched with a smiling facial view that conveyed a more positive outlook towards the consumers. In 1957, Haddon Sundblom painted a colored version of Quaker Mans headshot which was used up until the recent times. In 1972, the company logo produced a radically redesigned monochromatic logo by Saul Bass. This signified a unified company, which embodies one single end patterned after the honest and true values of the owners. However, as the company approached the contemporary era, the logo was shifted back to Sundbloms original version, with a bigger Quaker word and an embossed gold border surround the headshot of Quaker Man. Recently, Quaker introduced a new logo set in Arch er typeface, which is popularized by Hoefler and Frere-Jones. The typic all-caps company name was replaced by a new font style that shows a simple and gracious ambiance. The Quaker Man was moved from the center portion of the logo to the inner portion of the letter Q. This was made after Quaker introduced a new line of tasty delights as they continue to venture into the globose market. The logo produced a rather interesting message that is both eye-catching and message instilling. The Visa logo was typically shown in a flag design with the color blue, white and gold. The blue and gold colors were associated with the blue skies and the golden hills of California, where the BankAmericard originated. At the companys early times, Visa was originally a bestow instrument that provided aid for people who are in need of financial assistance.

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